Why Do My Ears Hurt When I Wear Earrings? Top Reasons & What to Do

Why Do My Ears Hurt When I Wear Earrings Top Reasons & What to Do

Why do my ears hurt when I wear earrings? A lot of those people have encountered the uncomfortable sensation of having sore ears after only a brief period of wearing earrings.

Here are the main reasons why do my ears hurt when I wear earrings:

  • Metal Allergies
  • Ear Infections
  • The Earrings Might Be Too Tight
  • Incorrectly Fitted Piercings
  • The Wrong Type of Earrings
  • Sensitive Ears
  • Not Taking Good Care of the Piercings

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Causes of Ear Pain Associated With Wearing Earrings

Wearing certain types of earrings may result in ear pain for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that something was inserted too deeply or that an infection has developed if you experience pain in your ears.

Even minor ear-outer region fractures can result in it. These are typically some of the most frequent causes of the pain when you have poorly fitting earrings or post-piercing infections.

Metal Allergies

This can irritate your ear if you have a slight metal allergy. People with sensitive skin frequently experience pain and swelling even after briefly wearing their earrings.

How do metal allergies work? For those with nickel allergies, metal allergies are frequent. Other metals like gold, titanium, and platinum may also be to blame, as well.

It’s best to take off any metal jewelry you have in your ears right away if you’re hurting because of it. If this is not possible, try switching earrings or applying some anti-itch cream to the area around your piercing.

Ear Infections

You run the risk of developing an ear infection if you have piercings. Pain and discomfort may be experienced as the infection quickly spreads to the neighborhood.

Untreated ear piercings are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Your risk of developing an ear infection increases as a result, which can be excruciatingly painful and unpleasant to handle.

No matter where they are located within the body, infections can be challenging to treat. This is especially true if they go untreated and worsen. Your ears may occasionally become so inflamed from an ear infection that they start to bleed.

Taking the right actions is the best way to treat an ear infection. You should try visiting your doctor first to see if they can give you an antibiotic. You must begin using ear drops if that isn’t an option in order to lessen the discomfort and swelling that come with your condition.

The Earrings Might Be Too Tight

Occasionally, it might not be as complicated as a minor infection or even poorly fitting earrings. Sometimes, the issue may be as straightforward as a piercing that is too snug and causing discomfort in your ears.

When earrings are too tight, what happens? It’s possible that the earrings you’re wearing are too tight if you notice that your pierced ears are becoming irritated and starting to swell. Additionally, wearing earrings that are too tightly on your pierced ears could harm the nerves.

This problem has a very easy solution. Take out the earring right away and try re-putting it in if you start to experience any of these side effects. By doing so, you’ll be able to tell if the piercing is too tight and, if so, you can adjust your earrings.

Incorrectly Fitted Piercings

When wearing earrings, discomfort in the ear is frequently caused by piercings that are not properly fitted. The fitting can be significantly off, which causes pain and discomfort in your ears after being worn for a brief period of time.

What should one do if the piercing is not the right size? It is best to return to the piercer if you feel that the position of your earrings is incorrect. There might be a problem with your piercing if you are certain that the studs or earrings you are wearing in your ears were put there by a skilled person at a reputable studio.

Even though you could potentially make matters worse by attempting to adjust them yourself. If you do this, make sure your hands are always clean and your earrings are sterilized.

Why Do My Ears Hurt When I Wear Earrings Top Reasons & What to Do
Why Do My Ears Hurt When I Wear Earrings? Top Reasons & What to Do

The Wrong Type of Earrings

If you experience ear pain when wearing earrings, it might seem like a simple issue. Nevertheless, if you’re wearing the incorrect kind of earrings, you might feel pain.

For instance, switching from gold studs to silver hoops could affect how your piercings feel.

This is due to the distinct wearable sensations that various metal types produce. It’s possible that your ear piercing will react negatively if you switch from one metal to another, especially if their properties are very different.

This problem has a relatively straightforward solution. If you’re wearing the wrong kind of earrings and they hurt your piercings, try switching metals to see if that solves the issue. If your ears are still bothering you, it might be time to check to see if the wrong placement of your earrings resulted in any damage.

Sensitive Ears

The likelihood of experiencing pain from earrings is higher in people with sensitive ears. This is because people with sensitive ears are frequently more susceptible to bruising or infections as a result of their piercings. Although it’s unlikely, it’s still possible to run into any problems like this.

What should someone with sensitive ears do? You might need to switch your earrings if you notice that you’re experiencing side effects like these. If you have sensitive ears, it is best to choose steel or hypoallergenic materials.

The problem with this is that some gold stud earrings on the market may not actually be hypoallergenic despite being advertised as such. Due diligence should always be done before purchasing a product for this reason.

Not Taking Good Care of the Piercings

About five guidelines should be followed when it comes to caring for your piercings.

If you’re wearing earrings, keep in mind that you might still feel pain even if you’re taking all the proper precautions to protect your ears. This occurs simply because some people’s skin is more sensitive than others’.

  1. Hands should be washed before touching your newly pierced ears.
  2. Keep the earrings in your ears for at least six weeks, even while you are sleeping.
  3. Regularly clean the inside of your ears with soap and water.
  4. Twist the earrings numerous times each day.
  5. For ear cleaning, use rubbing alcohol.

Two things are likely to happen when you do this. First of all, you might lower your chance of developing an infection in your body piercings. Second, by taking good care of your ears, you’ll lessen the possibility of experiencing pain when wearing earrings.

What Can I Do to Stop My Ears from Hurting When I Wear Earrings?

Don’t wear earrings anymore.
If wearing earrings makes your ears hurt, you probably have an allergy to the metal in the earrings. Stop wearing earrings for the best relief for your sore ears.

Itchiness, redness, swelling, and pain are among the signs of a metal allergy. Avoiding contact with the allergen is the best way to stop these symptoms.
There are a few things you can do to reduce your exposure to the allergen if you must wear earrings. Start by wearing hypoallergenic earrings made of materials like gold or titanium. A second recommendation is to refrain from wearing earrings all day. Additionally, make sure to regularly wash your earrings with a mild soap and water solution.

If you use these suggestions, wearing earrings should not cause you any discomfort.

How Can I Avoid Ear Pain When Wearing Earrings?

Choosing an earring style that doesn’t press against your earlobes will help you avoid ear pain while wearing earrings.
It is inevitable that you will occasionally feel pain if you wear earrings. To prevent or lessen ear pain, however, there are a few things you can do.

Make sure your earrings are the appropriate size first. They are more likely to hurt if they are too big or heavy. Second, refrain from leaving your earrings on all day. If you must wear them for an extended period of time, try to remove them for a short period of time every few hours to give your ears a rest.

Third, exercise caution whenever you insert or remove your earrings. You risk harming the delicate skin around your ears if you pull or tug on them. To prevent infection, clean your earrings frequently.

You should be able to prevent ear pain when wearing earrings if you stick to these advice.


Why Do Some Earrings Cause Pain and Others Don’t?

Earring pain is typically brought on by an allergy to the metal used to make them. It really depends on the individual because some people may have allergies to some metals but not others. You probably have an allergy to the metal in the earrings if you’ve ever had your ears pierced and noticed that they swelled up or became red and itchy. The best way to prevent this discomfort is to either find hypoallergenic earrings or have your ears pierced with a different metal.

Is It Normal for My Ears to Hurt After Wearing Earrings?

Your ears hurting after wearing earrings is not typical. It is possible that you have an allergy to the metal in the earrings or that they are too tight and irritating you. You should see a doctor if your ears are still in pain.


You could be allergic to the metal in the earrings, which would explain one potential cause of your ears hurting when you wear them. Try wearing earrings made of a different material, such as gold or silver, if you’re unsure whether you have a metal allergy. It’s best to see a doctor if your ears continue to hurt so they can diagnose the problem.

Please leave a comment below if you have any additional queries about why wearing earrings might hurt your ears.

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