Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears? – Top 12 Reasons

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears - Top 12 Reasons

Do you want to learn about earrings, their originality, and common misconceptions about them? Do men’s earrings have any connection to their sexuality, or are they just a fashion trend? We are going to talking about Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears?

In general, guys wear earrings in both ears because:

  • It’s Simply a Fashion Trend
  • Social Status
  • He Wears Earrings Because of Religious Reasons
  • They Do It to Protect Themselves from Bad Luck
  • Self-Expression & Rebelling
  • An Alternative of a Safe Bank
  • Expression of Sexuality
  • To Show Off Their Sexuality
  • For Healthy Benefits
  • Identification of the Last Family Member
  • They Do It Because There Are Women Who Like It
  • A Gift of a Beloved Person

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Reasons Why Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears

There are many reasons why a guy might be wearing earrings in both ears. There are many reasons, but if you don’t want to ask or they chose not to tell you, here are some of the potential explanations.

It’s Simply a Fashion Trend

Guys who wear earrings in both ears have long been regarded as avant-garde, and we believe that the avant-garde never goes out of style. However, in a time when the right to free speech and expression is widely respected, so too is the practice of men getting both ears pierced.

After all, earrings are just a fashion accessory, jewelry. You must concur that jewelry, regardless of color, material, shape, or anything else, is always in style. Nowadays, men who are seen wearing makeup are not scrutinized for it when it comes to current fashion trends. The same holds true for jewelry worn in both ears, such as earrings.

There is nothing wrong with the desire of many men to stand out from the crowd by sporting both pierced ears. In the world of fashion, changing the trend and making it their own is even more valued and respected. There is nothing wrong with having both of your ears pierced, as many fashion designers and stylists do.

Social Status

Both sexes have had both ears pierced historically to signify different social statuses. That was borrowed from both Egypt and Ancient Rome. For instance, we mentioned that Egyptians frequently wore earrings. It’s important to note, though, that only the richest nobles did that.

Power, fortune, wealth, and an extremely high social status were all represented by it. Another ancient civilization that gained power during the time of ancient Egypt cannot be said to have done the same. Rome was known for hosting gladiator battles and for popularizing slavery; that was Rome. Ear piercings were common among slaves.

A person with both ears pierced was regarded as a slave in ancient Rome, whereas in Egypt, pierced ears were a sign of the highest social status. Perhaps, the guy who wears both of their ears pierced wants to talk against slavery, or he identifies with the tradition in Ancient Egypt, you can never know.

Due to the fact that all warriors and powerful individuals wore them in ancient times, some guys also have both ears pierced.

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears - Top 12 Reasons
Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears? – Top 12 Reasons

He Wears Earrings Because of Religious Reasons

In many countries, guys wearing earrings on each ear are trying to represent a meaning or symbolism from their respective religion. There are numerous customs derived from Slavic and Hindu cultures, among many other customs and religions.

For instance, it was typical for all kids in India to get their ears pierced as part of a religious holiday. When many kids got their ears pierced at once, they would rejoice in the act. It’s no secret that Hindu gods are frequently depicted wearing earrings and dangles, which is precisely why it encourages so many kids to get their ears pierced.

Men would get their ears pierced in Buddhism to get earlobes that were similar to those of the prophet Buddha and were larger. In Buddhism, it was believed that people with the longest earlobes are the closest to reaching spiritual nirvana and transcendence.

That’s why many people, especially men who want to reach a spiritual zenith, proceed to pierce both of their ears.

Slavic nations also frequently have the practice of getting pierced ears. It’s normal for a family with one son to have that son’s ears pierced. The father would occasionally continue the custom of getting their ears pierced to show his support.

They Do It to Protect Themselves from Bad Luck

Earrings in both ears are thought to shield sailors from the agitated water in Eastern Asia. Having both of their ears pierced was a tradition among sailors as a good luck charm that would keep them safe and charmed even in the choppy seas.

Similar beliefs were held by pirates as well. They believed that having both ears pierced gave them the courage to persevere through raging tides. More importantly, some pirates believed that having both of their ears pierced will help improve their eyesight which is of key importance when traveling the sea, according to a report.

Self-Expression & Rebelling

Rebellion is another well-liked explanation for why men pierce both ears. Children and teenagers particularly enjoy flouting all social norms. In some cultures, it’s strictly believed that only women can have both of their ears pierced, which leads to them rebelling and wanting to express themselves by getting both of their ears pierced.

Despite this, some men enjoy piercing both of their ears, sometimes even more than once, as a way to express themselves. They find it fashionable and opt to keep the holes open even after they outgrow the trend.

An Alternative of a Safe Bank

We are well aware that safeguarding priceless items back then was a very dangerous task. People wear their diamond and precious stone as earrings so they can save them for later use. Instead of keeping their valuables hidden underground or in any other hidden location, it will be simpler for them.

Expression of Sexuality

The last justification is also the most typical. Some men choose to have both of their ears pierced in order to publicly declare their sexual orientation, which is typically either homosexual or bisexual, although the latter is more frequently the case.

Typically, having an earring in the right ear indicated homosexuality, while having one in the left ear indicated bisexuality. Now that it is no longer a problem, guys who want to identify as both gay and straight can simply get both of their ears pierced.

To Show Off Their Sexuality

In the past, having a pierced right ear was thought to indicate homosexuality while having a pierced left ear indicated straightness. You are bisexual if you have both ears pierced, which indicates that you have a preference for both genders. Nowadays, people do not hold this ridiculous belief, as it is an old and outdated idea. If someone wants to wear earrings in both ears, that is just their choice. Both of his ears are pierced, which has no effect on his sexuality and is a very common feature in men. In today’s society, guys with both earring piercings are accepted and valued everywhere because one’s appearance has nothing to do with one’s sexual orientation.

For Healthy Benefits

Wearing earrings has no health benefits, but some medical procedures, such as acupuncture, believe that the center of vision is in the middle of the ear lobes, and piercing the ear lobes has some positive effects on your health. Some people believed it would help them see better at sea. Due to this, people in the past wore earrings to benefit their health.

Identification of the Last Family Member

if a person is the last surviving member of his or her family and everyone else has passed away. As a sign of dominance and security, he was supposed to wear earrings in his ears. His family is in danger, and if he were to kill in battle, he would not be able to participate. His family can’t make it. In order to ensure their security and safety for the expansion of their families, people who wear earrings.

They Do It Because There Are Women Who Like It

Some women find jewelry to be so alluring that they don’t mind seeing men wearing it. According to some women, men who have both of their ears pierced are quite attractive, so if a man read that in one of the girly magazines, they are more likely to get both of their ears pierced.

After all, they can just take them off if they grow tired of the fashion and carry on with their lives until the hole closes up after a few months.

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears - Top 12 Reasons
Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears? – Top 12 Reasons

A Gift of a Beloved Person

Some celebrities and regular people wear earrings that a loved one gave them. They want to always have a reminder of that person with them, whether they wear them in one ear or both. Earrings were a popular gift to give and receive, and recipients enjoyed flaunting their presents.


Would a Straight Guy Have An Earring in Both Ears?

Yes, unless he had earring desires for himself, there is no reason why he wouldn’t have earrings in both ears.

It is a matter of personal choice, as was previously stated.

Most guys will inquire as to why they would only wear earrings in one of their two ears.

Absolutely, there is no right or wrong answer to that question, so it is valid.

Why Do Some Guys Only Wear One Earring?

When it comes to how he sleeps and which side he prefers most, a guy may choose to wear one earring over the other.

However, this isn’t always the case since even straight men can and do wear just one earring. Some people still use this one earring to signal their sexual orientation.

Guys now have access to a wide range of dangly earrings that come in a variety of lengths and incredible designs in addition to studs.

Guys who are self-reliant, self-assured, and expressive will choose an earring wisely.

The way they do it and the earrings they wear are more important to these fashion-conscious males than the reason they do it.

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in the Left Ear?

Even as times have changed over the any millennia of human existence, some people still hold on to the old notion that “left is right and right is wrong”.

When homosexual men decided to come out as gay, the term “coming out” was first used in the 1970s.

Since that time, people who are worried about appearing uncaring to their friends and family will get a piercing in their left ear just to be safe.

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Their Right Ear?

  • They are gay and drawn to people of the same gender.
  • Copy their actors
  • Have to right to wear it

Men who wore earrings in their right ears were thought to be gay and attracted to people of the same gender. Since the digital age is brand-new and constantly changing fashion trends, this isn’t a real justification. People adopt fashion trends because they want to appear stunning. Since actors set societal trends, most guys try to imitate and adopt their style. Make sure that what you wear should suit you and give you a different look because wearing earrings on the right or left side can completely alter your personality.

Why Do Guys Wear Black Earrings?

Since most men dislike flashy or large earrings, it is generally accepted that a guy should avoid wearing them.

Black earrings are as simple as you can get, and they also go with every outfit.

Black stud earrings would also be the most professionally appropriate choice for guys who work for awesome companies that let them dress however they want.

They might even go unnoticed and are unlikely to garner much attention.

Why Can’t Guys Wear Earrings at School?

The following are the prohibitions on men wearing earrings to school.

  • They go against the school’s dress code.
  • Having a catholic background
  • Against rule and regulations of the school

It is against the school’s dress code for them to wear earrings to class. In some states, especially those that are Catholic, wearing earrings is outright forbidden. For parents to submit a written request, only girls and some exceptional religious cases may wear earrings. Before being allowed to wear earrings to school, they must provide a justification. The dress code for school students does not allow for the wearing of earrings. On the university level, earrings are acceptable. There is a desire to change this rule because people find it to be too strict. Children and parents should abide by school policy and each school’s code of conduct in order to uphold the law and regulations.

Why Can’t Guys Wear Earrings at Work?

Despite the widespread acceptance of men with pierced ears, wearing earrings is often frowned upon in workplaces and professional settings. They believe earrings lack professionalism and are inappropriate for a professional setting. The following are significant reasons:

  • Give you a unprofessional appearance.
  • You look immature and non-serious
  • Harmful effects for the company

It has negative effects on the workplace, and the company’s reputation suffers when employees wear earrings. On the first day, avoid wearing earrings and try to wear men’s accessories like ties, watches, and cufflinks. Unlike earrings, which make you look immature, they give you a respectable look and appearance.

Men wearing earrings make you appear immature and do not sound as mature. If you are permitted to wear earrings, pick small studs, pearls, or diamonds that are appropriate for an office environment.


To answer the question about guys and their earrings, there may be a ton of individual motives, each as distinct as the next guy.

The best and only worthwhile reason why guys wear earrings is that they want to, regardless of whether they do so for attention, fun, rebellion, or to follow a ritual or tradition.

In general, guys wear earrings in both ears because:

  • It’s Simply a Fashion Trend
  • Social Status
  • He Wears Earrings Because of Religious Reasons
  • They Do It to Protect Themselves from Bad Luck
  • Self-Expression & Rebelling
  • An Alternative of a Safe Bank
  • Expression of Sexuality
  • To Show Off Their Sexuality
  • For Healthy Benefits
  • Identification of the Last Family Member
  • They Do It Because There Are Women Who Like It
  • A Gift of a Beloved Person

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