Why Do We Wear Socks? Do You Really Need?

Why Do We Wear Socks Do You Really Need

Socks are one of the most essential items in our wardrobe for a number of reasons. You shouldn’t take the humble sock for granted! Here are the reasons why do we wear socks.

To Keep Our Feet Warm and Dry, To Protect Our Skin, To Provide Cushion for Our Feet, To Improve Circulation, and To Show Off Our Personality.

Learn why we wear socks, their history, and why they are still a crucial piece of clothing in this article.

Why We Wear Socks

Though socks have changed over time, many of their original functions haven’t changed much at all.

To Keep Our Feet Warm and Dry

You already know how slick (and probably pretty stinky) it can be to wear shoes in the summer without socks, don’t you? In essence, socks are a layer of fabric that goes between your feet and your shoes. Pairs of socks with moisture-wicking qualities help draw the moisture from your feet into the socks when you’ve been on your feet for a while and they start to perspire, keeping you dry and comfortable. Choose thicker pairs during the winter to stay warm. Breathable materials are ideal in the summer to avoid overheating.

To Protect Our Skin

Think about allowing your feet’s delicate skin to be aggressively rubbed against a hard surface repeatedly. That’s a friction blister, and you might get one if you wear closed-toe shoes without socks. Thank goodness, socks’ additional padding acts as a barrier to stop the rubbing from happening directly and continuously. Instead of rubbing against your skin, the shoes make contact with the sock.

To Provide Cushion for Our Feet

Imagine spending hours upon hours navigating the world on rough, wooden planks. Imagine instead the sensation of walking on soft clouds. *Socks provide us with an additional layer of cushy comfort between our shoes and our feet, which can help us feel more at ease with each step we take. All pairs of socks—from festive and fun ankle socks to extremely sporty performance-focused styles—offer more support than if you wore nothing at all. However, some pairs of socks provide more cushion than others depending on the fabric and thickness of the socks.

Why Do We Wear Socks? Do You Really Need?
Why Do We Wear Socks? Do You Really Need?

To Improve Circulation

Some diabetics, people with arthritis, and people who experience pain from varicose veins are advised to wear compression socks because they have been shown to help promote blood flow back to the heart. While there is a clinical history for these types of socks (and they were once only offered in basic colors), they are now available for anyone who travels, exercises, sits or stands for extended periods, or who simply enjoys cute, fun, and colorful options.

To Show Off Our Personality

The evolution of socks has made them a true fashion statement. Socks are a reflection of our personalities and should be treated as such, regardless of whether you’re a businessperson with a sense of humor who likes to show off your funny socks under your suit, someone who is passionate about quality and prefers to invest in pairs of fancy luxury socks, or a person with a more understated sense of style who prefers the basics. Socks are a true extension of who we are, and there are so many different styles to choose from!

What Could Happen If You Wear Shoes Without Socks?

Not wearing socks can cause so many complications, some described below:

Smelly feet

When you don’t wear socks with your shoes, this is almost always the most obvious symptom. As your feet are covered by shoes, socks help to absorb sweat from your feet. The first observable symptom of foot sweating without socks is the odor.

Additionally, socks prevent your feet’s skin from rubbing against the bottoms of your shoes. When your feet continuously rub against the inside of your shoes, you can get blisters

Athlete’s foot

Another type of fungus that can develop on your feet is called athlete’s foot, and it is spread through contact. This implies that you risk contracting the infection if you try on shoes without wearing socks.


Ringworms aren’t actually worms, despite their name. They are a kind of fungal growth that appears on your skin. Your risk of developing ringworm on your feet increases if you don’t wear socks. The fungus can spread up your leg, which makes this potentially very dangerous.

It will ruin your shoes

The shoes you’re purchasing are not inexpensive! They may be very pricey. When you don’t wear socks with your shoes, you drag any dirt that collects on the bottom of your feet into your shoe. The soles of the non-sock wearer’s shoes will be black and scuffed.

Why Do We Wear Socks? Do You Really Need?
Why Do We Wear Socks? Do You Really Need?

To Sock Or Not to Sock? the Benefits of Wearing Socks

Put a sock on it if you’re unsure! Since the popularity of boat shoes has increased, it may be tempting to stop wearing socks altogether. However, before doing so, you should consider the following.

Health and Hygiene

Going barefoot in closed-toe shoes may encourage sweat and germs into the soles, increasing the risk of blisters. You should probably avoid this because it usually causes discomfort and a bad smell. Our feet are kept more comfortable between our shoes and socks. This functions as a moisture barrier, extending the lifespan of our shoes and reducing friction.

Additionally, socks can prevent a number of foot conditions like ringworm and athlete’s foot. That’s because your feet perspire about half a pint each day (nice!) and many shoes are lined in synthetic materials which aren’t very breathable. Because of this, heat, moisture, and bacteria may accumulate inside shoes.

To avoid this, you might want to opt for a breathable fabric like wool socks. In the winter and summer, these are excellent for controlling moisture and keeping feet warm. Our bamboo socks are also a great option for temperature control. To keep feet dry and comfortable, they assist in wicking moisture away from the skin.

Compression socks offer another health benefit to those with poor circulation in the legs and feet. They’re a smart choice for anyone who travels frequently or spends a lot of time sitting or standing. These socks can energize legs, reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis, and increase muscle efficiency.

Comfort and Support

One of the obvious reasons we wear socks is to keep our feet warm and comfortable. You’ll also want to find socks with the appropriate amount of cushioning and support for you, depending on your lifestyle. If you run, play sports, or just prefer some extra cushiony goodness, check out our range of cushioned socks. By doing so, you can lessen the strain on your feet and daily stress.

You might want to give comfort cuff socks a try if you find that wearing socks can dig into your legs and leave unsightly marks. These have a softer top to more gently grip the leg.

Showing Off Personal Style

Socks have developed into a true fashion statement and an expression of individuality. Whether you like to let your novelty socks peek out from under your suit trousers, or you prefer to invest in designer branded socks – like Pringle, Jeep, or BOSS – socks have become a reflection of ourselves. Update your sock drawer right away for that and other good reasons!

Why Do We Wear Socks? Do You Really Need?
Why Do We Wear Socks? Do You Really Need?

A Brief Sock History

The word sock comes from the Although the idea of using foot coverings for protection dates all the way back to ancient Egypt between A.D., the word “socc,” which means “light shoe or slipper,” is an Old English term. 250 and Before 420 A.D., knit socks were only worn by members of high society because they had to be made by hand, a laborious process that took a lot of time. But as time went on, improvements made during the Industrial Age and a rise in the demand for textiles made socks more widely available.

Socks now come in a wide range of price points, prints, silhouettes, and materials. There are many different reasons we wear them, including comfort, health issues, and personal style.

A Sock for Every Occasion

The advantages of wearing socks go far beyond just making your feet comfortable, as is pretty obvious. Whatever you do, socks are a must-have. To us, socks are never just socks; they can improve an outfit, make you feel good, keep you warm or cool, and keep your feet strong.