What to Wear for Paintballing: Essential Items

What to Wear for Paintballing: Essential Items

Paintball requires comfortable, flexible clothing that enables you to run, climb, and crouch your way to victory. You may also want to wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, even though the paint in most paintballs is simple to wash out. Check out our guide on how to dress for paintball so you’re prepared to start playing, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player looking for advice on how to suit up.

What to Wear for Paintballing?


It’s best to protect your head since paintballs move at ridiculously fast speeds of around 200 mph. The Tipmann Valor Goggle, which will protect your head, jaw, ear, and chin, is available as standard issue.


Due to their constant exposure, hands are frequently the target of paintballs. Let’s just say that some shots aren’t very pleasant because of the relatively sensitive areas on your hands. You don’t want to wear gloves that many affect trigger sensitivity, like the fingerless gloves and golf gloves that many players wear. We do offer hard-padded knuckle armored gloves as an upgrade at our sites.

What to Wear for Paintballing: Essential Items
What to Wear for Paintballing: Essential Items


We advise dressing comfortably casually. The best clothing to reduce paintball sting is hoodies and heavy fabrics. Again, thick clothing that is comfortable to move in, we advise wearing tracksuit bottoms, joggers, and jeans. Although you will receive a clean overall as standard equipment, we still advise dressing in old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.


Paintball ankle injuries can happen quite frequently, so shoes and grip are essential. The majority of athletes don sneakers or hiking boots. You should wear shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty or wet. To ensure both safety and comfort, make sure the shoes you select have closed toes. For the trip home, it is advised to bring clean shoes.

What to Wear for Paintballing: Essential Items
What to Wear for Paintballing: Essential Items

What Clothing and Equipment is Provided?

The following equipment will be provided by Mayhem…

Camouflage overalls – designed to maximise your ability to hide from the enemy and minimise the risk of getting your own clothes covered in paintball splats, our camouflage overalls fit over your own clothes for an extra layer of cover.

Protective visor – these are without a doubt the most important bit of kit you’ll have – paintballs can travel at speeds of up to 200mph, so never take your goggles off in the battlefield.

What to Wear for Paintballing: Essential Items
What to Wear for Paintballing: Essential Items

Additional Pieces of Protective Equipment You Might Need to Know About…

There are no specific paintball clothes for youth or younger players, just different sized overalls. All paintballers must be at least 12 years old (or in year seven of school), which is an industry standard supported by the UK Paintball Sports Federation.

However, there is protective chest gear that is perfect for female paintball players.

Do Paintballs Wash Out of Clothes?

Although Mayhem will provide a camouflage overall and we recommend you only wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, no-one wants their clothes to be permanently paint-splattered.

If you’re curious whether paintball paint washes out, read on.’ the answer is ‘Yes! Paintballs dissolve in water, are non-toxic, and will wash out of your clothing when washed normally.

Since the paint is hypoallergenic, there shouldn’t be any negative side effects from taking a hit, other than a mark if you get one directly on your skin. Paint on your hair or skin will also easily wash out in the shower.

When choosing what to wear for paintballing, safety is the most important factor to take into account. The best option is a thick, protective outer layer with several layers of thin clothes, and you can easily adjust what you’re wearing to suit the weather and conditions.

Try to avoid leaving any skin exposed, as paintballs sting more intensely on bare skin.

Nothing more needs to be said. Consider convenience and safety, and take pleasure in the game.

What to Wear for Paintballing: Essential Items
What to Wear for Paintballing: Essential Items

What is the Age of the Player?

The sizeable deciding factors are the type of field, the kind of paintball weapons, and the player’s age. While many paintball fields only use the standard paintball guns and start at age 10, our low impact field allows children as young as six to play.

We can assume that different people will experience being hit differently if we compare being hit by a paintball to being snapped by a rubber band or towel. As I like to explain, if I snap two eight-year-olds with a rubber band on bare flesh, one might say, “Is that all you got?” and try to take the rubber band away from me to snap me back. One more might even begin to cry.

However, the outcome might be very different if you snapped that rubber band through one or two layers of clothing.

In conclusion, research the setting you will play in, assess the participants’ pain tolerance, and use the aforementioned example to choose appropriate clothing!