What to Wear During a Massage? – the Full Guide

What to Wear During a Massage - the Full Guide

Getting a massage for the first time? But heading into a massage can leave you with a lot of questions, such as what to wear during a massage. We’ll cover everything you need to know about getting a massage in this article, from what to wear to how far to undress. Read on!

In my opinion, casual attire is preferred. Extra points for wearing a superhero t-shirt, and being appropriately vague. Tracksuits, a loose-fitting t-shirt, and comfortable underwear. In all honesty, you should wear whatever you want. Just be aware that you might start to feel a little grippy if you wear really tight jeans and intend to stay covered up. After that, are you going to lunch? Bring a brush, perhaps, to tidy up your hair.

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What is a Massage?

A massage is just a body rubdown, to put it simply. It’s a relaxation technique that entails applying pressure to specific tissue, whether it’s on the hands, feet, legs, back, or arms.

After practice, athletes and fitness enthusiasts frequently use massage machines or hire professionals to help them relax. Everyone seeking to unwind appreciates massages, of course.

When making a massage reservation, be sure to make your preferences clear. Among the varieties are shiatsu, hot stone, aromatherapy, deep tissue, Thai, and prenatal.

Things You Should Know

  • To ensure easy removal and replacement, dress comfortably in loose, comfortable clothing.
  • For your appointment, dress comfortably casually. You have the option of receiving a massage while wearing underwear or going bare.
  • Prior to your workout, take a shower and make sure you are getting plenty of water. Eat a snack but try to stay away from large meals.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up during your appointment and discuss your expectations with the massage therapist.
What to Wear During a Massage - the Full Guide
What to Wear During a Massage? – the Full Guide

What Type of Massage Outfits Can You Get?

Regarding massage attire, there is no set dress code. Wear whatever you like; it’s your choice. Clients need to be aware of certain unwritten rules, it follows.

A good spa OOTD should be comfortable and loose fitting, as we already mentioned. If you’re in need of additional specifics, we’ll feature some common ensembles to consider:

  • Loungewear:casual, comfy, and easy to put on, sweatpants and sweatshirts can definitely be your go-to massage outfit. Thus, we advise against bringing skin-tight leggings or sports bras to your appointment.
  • Elasticated wide-legged pants: while it’s also considered loungewear—we’re referring to linen-based alternatives. They are the perfect summer shoe because they are much more breathable than joggers.
  • Loose dresses: puffy skirts and baggy silhouettes are ideal to wear to a massage appointment. Gowns that are too tight are obviously inappropriate.
  • Jumpsuits:You are welcome to receive massages while dressed in denim overalls, but we advise against it. It’s crucial to choose a set that fits loosely and feels soft to the touch.
  • Oversized t-shirts and blouses:this styling tip is considered a no-brainer, but it’s best to wear a baggy top during spa days. In a subsequent section, we’ll go over the rationale.

What Not to Wear to a Massage

The Zen of clothing is massage attire. There should be no tension headaches or yanking of hair. There are some outfits to avoid wearing to your appointment because the majority of spas and clinics demand that you undress. Need the deets? We’ll dish out a few for readers to take note of:

  • Skin-tight clothing: Wiggling out of a stiff blouse or turtleneck is the most annoying thing ever. Choose a size that is larger to save yourself the trouble.
  • An excessive amount of layers: Layering is a big deal in fashion, but massage appointments don’t fall under this category. In other words, you don’t want to have a pile of clothes that you’ll eventually have to put on again.
  • Jewelry:massages are not the time to double-stack your jewelry. A single necklace or ring might suffice if you really want to accessorize.
  • Lace-up shoes: this rule doesn’t apply to lace-up slip-ons. However, if untying the bow from your shoes is the only way to put them on, we advise leaving them at home.
  • Tights and knee-socks:again, you don’t want to wear an excessive amount of layers. Nothing is more annoying than putting on a pair of tights, I assure you.
  • Itty bitty thongs:of course, your nether regions will be covered with a towel. We advise, however, that you wear a pair of boy shorts the next time to keep things appropriate in case of mishaps.
What to Wear During a Massage - the Full Guide
What to Wear During a Massage? – the Full Guide

Best Places to Buy Massage Outfits

Congratulations, you now have the right attire for a massage. Decide where you’re going to buy them right now. For those in need of recommendations, we’ll spotlight a few places to consider shopping:

  • Gentleherd
  • Nap Loungewear
  • Etsy
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Rabbit
  • Kotn
  • Barefoot Dreams

Last, Wear What You Want

Your comfort, satisfaction, and wellness are the main priorities of the massage. Massage therapists can accommodate any level of disrobing. The end result should be for you to experience all the wellness benefits of your customized massage at a Massage Envy franchise location.

You can choose the level of clothing you want to wear. Let them be your therapist during the session if something doesn’t sit right with you. Communication is key.

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