What to Wear After The Spray Tan?

What to Wear After The Spray Tan


After spray tanning, you should wear dark loose cotton clothes to cover your newly tanned skin to protect your skin. Clothing, such as dark cotton skirts, loose yoga pants, T-Shirts, and soft long sleeved T-shirts. After spray tan, we must not wear tight tops or tight pants, because it will rub and leave traces before tanning.

If you leave work, there is no problem at all. When you arrive at the studio, you can change into any clothes you want to wear during the appointment to spray perfume. Wear anything you feel comfortable with during your Spray Tan date!

What Should We Wear in Spray Tan?

Many people like to tan by being naked. The reason is simple – if you are naked in the sunbath, you won’t have any signs of tanning!

However, some people feel uncomfortable sunbathing naked. If you are one of them, you don’t have to worry. If you want to wear clothes on the stall or in front of the sprayer, you should remember the following Dressing Tips when doing spray tan.

  • Minimize wear

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable standing naked in a new place. Choose a strapless bikini and reduce the tan lines. For bottoms, wear Thongs or something close to it. It can protect sensitive areas, but will not stain your skin.

  • Choose an old suit

If you insist on what to wear when tanning, you may not be able to wear it elsewhere after spraying. So, make sure the bikini suit you choose is dark. If the stain changes, you won’t mind throwing it away, which is likely. (yes, they even make disposable belts at this time.)

How to Prepare Skin Before Spray Tan?

To ensure that you get the best Spray Tan effect, you need to prepare your skin before spray tan. Therefore, please remember the following steps before the next spray tan.

Bathing our skin produces natural oils that make it feel soft. However, the oil on the body makes it difficult for the skin to be sprayed brown. In addition, you will want to go as long as possible without taking a shower, so it is best to spray immediately after taking a shower.

Exfoliate during shower, especially dry parts such as knees and elbows. Again, you don’t want to exfoliate in a few days after tanning, so do this before shaving.

Moisturizing is the first thing you should do after exfoliation, unless you want to tan your skin. Don’t apply lotion before tanning, because it will form obstacles on your skin. After that, you will want to moisturize a lot.

Before spray tan, you should not spray perfume or deodorant. Again, this creates obstacles. You have to take off all your jewelry. This will eliminate the tan lines. Besides, you don’t want your jewelry to get dirty.

Apply nail polish to your nails, even if it is a transparent coating. This simple step can prevent nails from getting dirty. If you apply nail polish, you will want to wipe your nails with a paper towel immediately after tanning. If not, your nails will also be colored. (an important thing to remember is to do the same to avoid too orange hands.)

What Don’t We Wear After Spray Tan?

Now that you know roughly what to wear, you should know exactly what clothes and items to avoid, so that your suntanned skin will dry quickly and beautifully.

  • Tight trousers

Tight fitting, friction, seam friction, belt friction. Lululemon tights are the worst, with all the decorative stitching, hollowed out and crossed straps. Super cute, but the effect is not good after tanning. Think about the lines on your legs. Your Spray Tan date is coming, and you want it to be a complete success. However, when you are sprayed brown, what should you wear after spray tan? For people who are just starting to tan themselves, don’t be afraid – we will break it down to let you know what to wear before, during and after the next date, including some necessary Spray Tan skills, to ensure that you achieve the effect of your dream.

  • Jewelry and accessories

Although some people may not like not to wear any jewelry or accessories, it is important not to wear them on tanning days. These objects will interfere with anything on your skin. Therefore, you should avoid wearing jewelry and accessories unless you want to put the necklace or bracelet anywhere on your skin to get a tan.

  • Tights and socks

The worst thing about tanned legs and feet is to wear tights, socks, or both on tanned days. They suffocate the suntanned skin, make it sweat, and then wipe off the suntanned skin, leaving stains. If you want to have a perfect sun kissing look, throw away any tight clothes on tanning days.

  • Jeans

Jeans may be the most practical fashion goods, but not on tanning day. Just like tight pants and tight pants, jeans will wear your legs dark. Besides, they will feel uncomfortable anyway. Why bother?

  • Light clothes

Unless you want the world to see the brown stains on your white T-shirt, don’t wear any light or white clothes on your newly tanned skin. Although most suntanned clothes can be washed, light colored clothes are prone to color transfer and don’t look good.

  • Close toed shoes

We all have a pair of our favorite vans, sneakers, boots or high heels. It’s time to give them less love. To keep your feet Tan, avoid wearing shoes with tight toes.

Deodorant, perfume and cosmetics

Most people don’t think that many beauty and skin care products will damage suntanned skin, because they are more inconspicuous or shaped than clothes. However, it is certain that deodorants, perfume and cosmetics will affect the way your skin absorbs tanning. So I suggest you don’t wear them today.

What you Wear to Spray Tan is very Important

Of course, when you go to a sunbathing date, comfort is a must. You want to feel relaxed before and after the date; If you feel uncomfortable with naked tanning, make sure you wear appropriate and comfortable clothes during training. Tight clothes, shoes, and even jewelry will cause the formula of Spray Tan to be erased. Of course, you won’t remove Spray Tan immediately after a date! In addition, it is important to make sure that your skin is ready, so that your Spray Tan will last longer and look great.

  • Exfoliate with exfoliating gloves a few hours before appointment
  • Shower a few hours before appointment and rinse with cold water to close pores
  • Avoid using any skin products, such as moisturizers and cosmetics
  • Get other services, such as waxing or massage, before making an appointment
  • Make an appointment a few days before a major event

Four Basic Requirements of Spray Tan

Don’t go to the next date unprepared! Check out the following 4 required reading tips to make sure you wear the right clothes to attend the spray tan course:

  1. Choose shoes

When it comes to spray tan, tight shoes with tight toes are not allowed. Pressure and friction on the feet may cause streaks and remove the newly applied solution. To avoid stains, choose loose open toed sandals, such as herringbone slippers or slippers without heels. In addition, don’t wear socks or tights on your newly tanned feet!

  1. No jewelry required

Although your jewelry may be gorgeous, when you do spray tan, you want to leave them safely at home. Be sure to remove rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuffs, or any other jewelry that may cause wrinkles or wipe off the solution.

  1. Keep relaxed

When deciding what to wear to spray tan, we must choose loose clothes that will not rub the skin. Elegant dresses and skirts, or loose jumpers without elasticity are ideal choices. If you feel comfortable, avoid wearing bras or underwear, because bras or underwear are easy to stick to the skin, which may cause discoloration. If you carry your wallet, this may be the best time to clean it, pack only light basic items, or leave it at home.

  1. Wear dark clothes

No matter what clothes you wear to get a tan, make sure it’s dark, preferably black. Fresh Spray Tan solution tends to be wiped off. You don’t want to wear any light colored clothes, because it may be soiled. If you don’t have extra belts, some salons may sell disposable belts.

Maintenance After Spray Tan

Now that you know what to wear when tanning (and what not to wear), make sure to continue tanning care after making an appointment. Here are some quick tips for skin care after bronzing:

  1. Keep away from moisture

Although you may want to take a bath or exercise, you have to wait at least a few hours, and you must let the spray formula penetrate your skin. You should avoid sweating, bathing, swimming, sauna or any activity that produces water.

  1. Avoid exfoliation

Don’t wipe off the brand-new Spray Tan until you are ready to replace it with a new one. Save the exfoliation time for the next date.

  1. Use oil-free Moisturizer

After you are in Spray Tan, you can moisturize with oil-free and fragrance free moisturizer every day.

  1. Minimize skin contact

If you often cross your legs or arms, try to limit these positions to prevent your skin from being sprayed black.

  1. Avoid irritating chemicals

Chemicals can remove the tan in Spray Tan, so avoid using chemicals such as chlorine and acid, or any skin care products designed to remove or exfoliate skin.

What should we wear when we go to bed after spray tan

After the sunburn of Spray Tan, it is important that we do not stick the skin on the skin, because it may make the outer layer of your skin darker, or make it dirty and messy. Therefore, if you are used to sleeping in underwear, short sleeved pajamas and shorts, or even naked, it will help if you don’t do so at night after tanning.

Instead, you can wear loose pajamas with long pants and long sleeves. Wearing socks on your hands can also prevent accidental contact with your skin or wipe off tanned skin. To avoid soiling your sheets, you may consider placing a towel or any disposable barrier between the bed and you.

If you have old sheets that you don’t care much about, it’s time to use them. Even better, if you are an ordinary tanning person and don’t mind spending money, you can consider buying sheet protectors from the tanning salon that sells sheet protectors.

In addition, we suggest you sleep in a cool room so that you won’t sweat and mess up your tanned skin. Our final advice is not to go to bed immediately after spray tan. Keeping your skin as dry as possible before going to bed can reduce any chance of staining.

Can You Wear Socks After Spray Tanning?

I prefer you to go home in slippers or loose slippers. However, if it is cold outside, you can wear loose soft cotton socks after tanning, such as fluffy lazy socks. No tight socks. They rub the front of your ankle and leave marks on your skin. No pantyhose. They are tight, with a comfortable strap on the top, leaving traces on the legs below the knee.

What Do You Wear After Spray Tanning in Winter?

As mentioned earlier, your clothes are an important thing before making an appointment for spray tan. If you wear the wrong clothes, some things may get dirty, and you may also face the risk of fading or soiling carefully smeared. There are different things to wear directly after a date and in the next day.

The clothes you plan to wear after the date should have two characteristics: the color should be dark, and if possible, it should be loose or loose. Darker clothes are unlikely to be tanned in the process of Spray Tan, because excessive color has the risk of transferring to clothes, which is completely normal. Loose or loose clothes are good, because compared with tight clothes, loose or loose clothes have less contact with the skin, making it more difficult to transfer the color first.

After making an appointment, immediately choose the clothes you wear before the appointment that meet the listed description, and make sure they are suitable for dark, loose or loose clothes as much as possible, and don’t be too hot or cold, so that you won’t sweat.

Within 1-2 days after the appointment, the risk of product transfer still exists, so try to wear dark clothes, but jeans can also be worn, because once the development stage is over, that is, after the first shower, jeans will not stain the color.

Winter Spray Tan – Should You Do This?

If you have used spray tan skin before, it may be for an important occasion, or because you want to enhance your natural beauty. Spray Tan is especially popular in summer, because they can make you show the color of summer without having to lie on the beach or in the sun, so that the harmful rays of the sun can harm your skin. However, you may not be sure about the spray tan in winter.

However, Spray Tan is not uncommon in winter, although in fact most people have lost the color of summer by then, and your skin may be whiter during this time. The sunbathing salon is still open in winter. Spray Tan can improve your mood and do something for yourself, which is also conducive to your appearance.