How Long After Lash Lift Can I Wear Mascara?

How Long After Lash Lift Can I Wear Mascara

Eyelashes are your first line of defense against dust, dirt, lint and other debris in the air. When you open your eyes, your eyelashes will be stained with some debris to prevent them from entering your eyes. However, close your eyes and your eyelashes form an almost insurmountable barrier to keep all these dirty things away.

In addition, having beautiful eyelashes can significantly improve your appearance and enhance your whole face. One of the best ways to achieve beautiful eyelashes is through lash lift. Some people use lash lift to enhance their existing eyelashes. Others need it to give new life to their eyelashes. However, for most people, lash lift is mainly to save time and energy. lash lift is a very convenient shortcut.

How Long After Lash Lift Can I Wear Mascara?

Lash lift does not need any special after-sales care, except to prevent eyelashes from getting wet in the first 48 hours. One of the after-sales care regulations also stipulates that you should stay away from Mascara within 48 hours after treatment, because the chemical bonds in your eyelashes are still fragile and will take some time to harden.

After that, if you want to make your Mascara look more eye-catching, you can apply Mascara. But be careful, you should not only use any Mascara.

We’d better wait 24 hours for eye makeup after lash lift. Most Mascara contains oils that can destroy Mascara. After that, you should try your best to make the lift as long as possible. In general, you’d better avoid using any oil-based products to ensure that eyelashes are durable and upright.

Your Mascara needs time to set, which is why you should avoid using any product on or near your eyelashes for at least 24 hours.

In addition to not wearing Mascara and other types of eye makeup, you should also avoid using eye cream and face cream, and keep steam and water away from your eyelashes.

Some aestheticians suggest waiting at least 48 hours for Mascara. Although it’s not harmful not to wear Mascara another day, it’s best to ask questions about aftercare in the salon that handles your treatment. Lifting eyelashes requires little maintenance, and after-sales service instructions are usually easy to follow.

When you are ready to apply Mascara again, you should make sure you choose the right type of Mascara and the right makeup remover. You should also stick to oil-free products and avoid rubbing eyelashes to remove makeup. Instead, gently pat the eyelashes until the product is completely removed.

What is Mascara?

Mascara is ideal for those who want to look more natural without maintaining the extension. There are many different choices of crimp size according to your preference.

By lifting eyelashes, it can curl eyelashes from the root to the lips, thereby maximizing the entire length. It changes the natural shape of eyelashes through protective and lifting solutions.

Don’t worry about it coming into your eyes! Your eyes are closed throughout the process, but make sure your eyes are applied for by a licensed professional. They will work with you to find out which eyelash style is best for you.

The strength of the eyelashes you want to lift or curl will depend on the size of the shield they use to shape your eyelashes. Once you decide how big your eyelashes are, the therapist will clean your entire eye area.

Then, they will put the protective cover on your eyelids, curl your eyelashes, and then fix it with water-based adhesive. Once everything is in the right position, a lifting solution applies to the mold shielding around your eyelashes. The last step is to set the eyelash shape solution.

This process takes about 45-60 minutes, which is a good way to change your appearance quickly and painlessly.

What Kind of Mascara Should You Use After Lash Lift?

You may not even need to use Mascara after lash lift, because your eyelashes will look stronger, especially if they are colored. However, if you want a more eye-catching effect, you can use water-based Mascara.

It is best to avoid using waterproof Mascara because it is more difficult to remove. The more you touch, the greater the damage of eyelash curl. If you want your Mascara to last as long as possible, then water-based Mascara is the best choice.

What is Lash Lift

Lash lift therapy or eyelash perm uses chemicals to lift and curl natural eyelashes to make them look longer and denser. This process does not include increasing Eyelash Extension – Lash lift only improves the appearance of your natural eyelashes.

lash lift will last for 6-8 weeks. This is the duration of the eyelash cycle – old eyelashes fall off and new eyelashes grow. Mascara closely follows the growth cycle of eyelashes. As time goes by, your eyelashes will straighten.

Lash lift treatment usually includes eyelash staining to make eyelashes look darker and more prominent. The duration of this color is often a little shorter than the lifting time, and it begins to fade after about 3 weeks.

What Kind of Mascara Can I Use for Lash Lift?

Because your eyelashes will look fuller after plucking them, you may not even need Mascara, especially if you also painted the color. But if you want to look more eye-catching, you can choose water-based Mascara. It is important that the Mascara you choose to use after Mascara is oil-free. The more you wipe, the greater the damage to eyelash curl. Water based Mascara will be a better choice to make your Mascara look as long as possible.

How to Remove Mascara After Lash Lift?

Similarly, it is also important to use oil-free products to remove makeup. This is especially important in the first 3 weeks after treatment, because oil-based products will make your eyelashes straighten faster.

Can I Apply Eyeliner After Lash Lift?

Yes, you can, but not immediately after Mascara treatment. Wait 48 hours, let the eyelashes stabilize, and then use the eyeliner at will. But you may want to try a different formula than what you usually wear. Find one that is not too difficult to remove to avoid rubbing your eyes and affecting your Mascara.

How to Make Full Use of Your Mascara?

Maintain daily after-sales service, which is very short and easy to follow.

In the first two days, avoid getting your eyelashes wet. Be careful when showering and washing your face, avoiding the eye area. Besides, don’t take sauna and swim. Generally, do not use oil-based products and any face cream, and stay away from cosmetics.

In order to make your Mascara look as long as possible, brush your eyelashes with a clean spool every day for the whole service life of Mascara. Wash your face gently and don’t rub your eyes. If possible, sleep on your back for a lasting effect. Sunlight will accelerate the fading, so this is another thing to avoid.