Can You Wear Eye Makeup With Punctal Plugs? Explore It

Can You Wear Eye Makeup With Punctal Plugs Explore It

Can you wear eye makeup with punctal plugs? Yes, you can. But you have to remember something.

The typical lifespan of temporary or dissolvable punctal plugs ranges from a few days to several months. A punctal plug is a little object that prevents drainage from the tear ducts. Punctal plugs may be able to alleviate the burning, itching, or chronically dry eye symptoms. Can you wear eye makeup with punctal plugs? 

Introduction Of  Punctal Plugs

Microscopically small punctal plugs are inserted into the punctum, the tear drain.  Two upper and two lower puncta are present on each of our four eyes at birth.  Depending on how severe the dry eye condition is, plugs may be inserted in either the lower puncta or the lower and upper puncta.  In the office setting, plugs are inserted; the procedure is typically painless, but some pressure may be felt.  No anesthesia is required, and plug placement takes less than a minute.

Types Of Plugs

A doctor may recommend one of the following types of plugs depending on the individual’s needs:

  • Temporary Plugs

Many medical professionals advise initially using temporary plugs to observe how the body responds. They are collagen plugs, which dissolve naturally in the body and will fade after a few weeks or months. This gives medical professionals time to watch how the patient responds before determining whether a more permanent solution would be preferable.

  • Intracanalicular Plugs

These plugs offer a more long-lasting remedy for dripping eyes because they extend further into the tear duct and may remain in place for many years. Surgery might be required to get rid of them because they are lodged deeper in the duct. Therefore, in order to gauge a patient’s response, doctors frequently try different plugs first.

  • Silicone Or Acrylic Plugs

Typically, silicone or stable acrylic make up the first permanent punctal plugs that doctors try. They may last for years, but they may also need to be removed if the body rejects them. Although usually not enough to be distracting, these plugs may be visible.

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Why Do Punctal Plugs Function?

The same mechanism that causes a bathtub drain stopper to function also causes plugs to function.  The meibomian glands, which are located in the eyelids, produce too little oily tears in some people.  The tear gland may overproduce watery tears because the tears evaporate too quickly.  This explains why some people who have “dry eyes” frequently complain of tearing. By blocking the tear drain, more tears are kept on the ocular surface, increasing the amount of moisture on the eye.  Additionally, plugs can lessen tearing and the extra tear production.

What Time Should Punctal Plugs Begin To Function?

This depends on how dry your eyes were before the plug installation.  You must give your eye time to heal; however, some patients may experience dry eye for years before seeking treatment, so we are attempting to undo years’ worth of damage.  If plugs are an effective treatment, I anticipate patients to notice a significant improvement in their condition on average within 1 month, though this could happen much sooner for milder cases.  Patients have reported improvement to me within a week, sometimes even sooner!

Punctal Plugs Procedure

Expect the procedure to be surprisingly quick and simple on the day of your punctal plug insertion!  Nearly all of my patients are initially uneasy and then shocked when I’m done because the procedure was already over.  In order to make you more comfortable throughout the procedure, your doctor may first place a drop to numb your eye.  To make the insertion process easier, they will first use a tool called a “dilator” to open your puncta in the microscope.  The plugs should then be put in at that point.   In comparison to permanent plugs that rest on top of the lid margin, temporary plugs must be inserted further into the puncta, which could make them take a little longer to install.  Typically, everything is completed in under 10 minutes.  Your eyes’ inner corners may feel slightly uncomfortable on the first day, but symptoms shouldn’t be any worse than that.  There shouldn’t be any noticeable pain or discharge.  Just be careful not to rub your eyes too much because that could cause the plugs to come loose!  You should not even feel anything there after a day or two, at most!

Do Punctal Plugs Prevent You From Crying?

However, punctal plugs maintain natural tears on the ocular surface for extended periods and reduce the frequency of artificial tear use. The fourth is that all canalicular and punctal plugs have comparable results.

How Long Can Punctal Plugs Remain In The Body?

The typical lifespan of temporary or dissolveable punctal plugs ranges from a few days to several months. If you decide to have refractive surgery, these kinds of plugs would be used to, for example, prevent dry eyes after LASIK.

Can You Wear Eye Makeup With Punctal Plugs Explore It
Can You Wear Eye Makeup With Punctal Plugs? Explore It

Can You Get An Eye Scratch From A Punctal Plug?

Punctal plugs can have rare but conceivable side effects. To prevent any long-term eye damage, anyone who experiences any side effects should tell their doctor right away.

What’s The Sensation Of A Punctal Plug?

Punctal plugs rarely experience serious complications. Some individuals, though, might experience negative effects. A scratchy, mildly irritating sensation in the corner of the eye is the most frequent adverse effect. The majority of people either get used to this sensation or discover that it goes away over time.

Can You Cry Without Punctal Plugs?

To stop the natural drainage of tears from your eye, down the duct, and into your nose, your doctor inserts the plug into your tear duct. This helps keep your eyes moist by extending the duration of the effects of tears, eyedrops, and medications.

How Well Do Punctal Plugs Work To Treat Dry Eyes?

Punctal plugs are more effective than topical treatment alone, according to numerous studies, and they are safe to use. A prospective, double-masked study showed a 94.2% reduction in dry eye symptoms and 93% reduction in conjunctival symptoms eight weeks after lacrimal occlusion.

Can You Take Care Of Your Own Punctal Plug Removal?

Temporary punctal plugs naturally dissolve and do not need to be removed. Unless they bother you or you get an infection (which is extremely unlikely), permanent punctal plugs don’t need to be removed. Punctal plug removal is frequently very simple. Forceps may be used by your doctor to remove the plug.

Can Mascara Obstruct The Tear Ducts?

Sometimes mascara can create an accumulation and obstruction of the lacrimal drainage system, most commonly in the lacrimal sac or nasolacrimal duct, leading to inflammation and infection. Furthermore, accidental application-related pokes to the cornea pose a risk of permanent damage.

When To See A Doctor

To determine whether punctal plugs are appropriate for them, people with moderate to chronic dry eyes may want to schedule a consultation with their doctor.

People who have tried artificial tears or other eye drops but had little success may react favorably to plugs.

Punctal plugs can have rare but conceivable side effects. To prevent any eye damage that could last for years, anyone experiencing any side effects should tell their doctor right away.

Although there is no known treatment for chronic dry eye, many people can get long-lasting symptom relief by using eye drops and punctal plugs.


Punctal plugs are inserted by doctors using a method called punctal occlusion surgery, which may be a short- or long-term fix. Although the process is simple, there is a small chance of adverse effects. If necessary, the plugs can be taken out, but significant issues are uncommon.