How To Wear Healing Crystals? A Beginner’s Guide

How To Wear Healing Crystals A Beginner's Guide

First, how to wear healing crystals?

Cleanse your healing crystal jewelry frequently, arrange it to achieve the outcomes you desire, and pay attention to the side of the crystal.

Since as far back as we can remember, people have cherished and worn crystals, but these days, spirituality and metaphysical items are becoming more and more fashionable.

Please continue reading for more information about wearing healing crystals in detail.

How To Wear Healing Crystals?

Cleanse Your Healing Crystal Jewelry On A Regular Basis

Clearing your healing crystal jewelry on a regular basis is crucial.

Since it is exposed to so many different energies on a daily basis, it typically needs to be cleared more frequently than crystals that are kept in your home.

Place Healing Crystal Jewelry According To The Results You Seek

By lining up your healing crystal jewelry with your pulse points and/or chakras, you can increase the results you get from them. The following are some instances of the ideal locations for your crystal jewelry:

  • Amethyst – For calm and patience, wear an amethyst ring on your middle finger.
  • Rose Quartz – To attract more love into your life, wear rose quartz close to your heart, like on a long chain.
  • Black Tourmaline – Wear black tourmaline on your wrist so that it will be near your root chakra when you arm is down to promote strength and security.

Watch Which Side You Are Wearing Your Crystal Jewelry On

Our body’s four quadrants each have a unique meaning and an impact on the outcomes of wearing crystal jewelry. Here’s how it works:

Right Side – When you want to radiate power and impart healing properties to others, wear your crystal jewelry on the right side. Consider these instances:

  • Wear a rose quartz bracelet on your right arm to foster greater compassion for others.
  • Wear your amethyst ring on your right hand to help create a calming environment that others can also enjoy.
  • Wear your black tourmaline on your right side as you travel to protect your family.

Left Side – If you want to personally benefit from the healing energy of your crystal jewelry and experience an internal benefit, wear it on the left side. Here are a few instances:

  • Wear your rose quartz bracelet on your left arm to help you be more loving to yourself.
  • Put your amethyst ring on your left hand to help you cope with emotional stress.
  • Wear your black tourmaline on your left side to shield yourself from bad energy.

One of the most enjoyable and creative ways to take advantage of crystals’ healing properties is to wear jewelry made of them. No matter where you go, you’ll feel amazing adorned in their beauty and savoring their healing energy.

Where Can I Find Healing Crystals?

The primary natural stones and gemstones used in crystal healing, a type of holistic healing that leans toward alternative medicine and spiritual energy, are healing crystals. The crystals are used as conduits to negate negative energy and allow for the free flow of good energy both inside and outside of you.

You’re now wondering why good energy is blocked but bad energy isn’t. Honey, life isn’t just quick internet, cozy cuddles, your mom’s hot-off-the-oven cookies, and unlimited wine. The hassle of your Monday morning commute, the bills that need to be paid, the never-ending emails from work, the cancellation of your favorite show, or the stink eye your neighbor’s child gave you—all of these seemingly unimportant things, when taken together, can lead to stress and tension that build up inside of you. You are impacted by these daily activities in more ways than you might think.

Our chakra points may become out of balance or blocked due to stress and negative energy. In order to maintain and rebalance a healthy chakra system, we need activities or tools. You have seven chakra points in your body, each of which corresponds to a different aspect of your physical and spiritual being. If you’re new to this, don’t worry; we’ll get to the good stuff soon. This is where healing stones come into play; they clear obstructions and guard the wearer against further harm by restoring the unbalanced energy flow.

How To Choose Your Healing Crystal Jewelry

How do you know which one is best for you?

Using intuition is one method. I advise looking through my collection to see which crystals speak to you. The metaphysical characteristics of each of the crystals used in the jewelry are described in each of my Etsy listings, so you can continue by reading more about them.

If you’re still completely baffled, use the list of typical healing crystals below as a guide:

  • A clouded mind is brought into sharp focus by quartz crystal.
  • Your higher self and intuition can be reached through amethyst.
  • You are shielded from negative people and thoughts by black tourmaline.
  • Creativity is improved by carnelian.
  • When you’re having trouble connecting with your emotions, moonstone can help you find support.
  • In addition to fostering emotional health, rose quartz aids in heart connection.
  • You can access the forces of abundance with the aid of citrine.

The Best Healing Crystal Jewelry To Wear

We’d like to now introduce you to some of the healing crystal jewelry that we love. The following healing stones are the ones we find ourselves turning to again and again, especially in the form of jewelry.

Wearing Amethyst: Healing Benefits

Amethyst is one of the best crystals for promoting a sense of calm and relieving stress. The mind becomes calmer, making meditation and sleep easier. Additionally, it promotes decision-making and a state of calm alertness.

The amethyst stone offers protection by transforming harmful energies into uplifting, benevolent energy.

It resonates with the energy of the crown chakra and third eye chakra, serving to enhance communication from the Divine, enhance our intuition, and broaden our comprehension of both ourselves and others.

Additionally, amethyst encourages wholesome cell regeneration, enhances blood circulation, and prevents bacterial growth.

Amethyst healing properties are vast as it is one of the most versatile crystals on this earth.

Wearing Rose Quartz: Healing Benefits

Rose quartz is probably the most nurturing of all the healing crystals. Its gentle energy encourages us to live more empathetically and peacefully.

It brings us self-love and self-acceptance, and it envelopes us in unconditional love of all kinds (romance, friendships, brotherly love, and self-love).

Rose Quartz is the stone that heals emotions, including heartache, paranoia, self-pity, possessiveness, control, fear, anger, resentment, and more.

It balances emotions and replaces them with feelings of self-acceptance, gratitude, trust, and confidence.

Along with supporting the female reproductive system and childbirth, rose quartz also supports cardiovascular and circulatory health.

Tourmaline Black On Your Body: Healing Benefits

Black Tourmaline is considered the stone of protection because it protects on all levels at once (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, environmental).

Black tourmaline will aid in your defense whether you’re looking to ward off the psychic assault, negative feelings, electromagnetic pollution, or other forms of negative energy.

Black tourmaline provides gentle grounding energy that supports and aligns the chakras. It encourages self-confidence and personal power while assisting in the reduction of anxieties, paranoia, and panic attacks.

Additionally beneficial for boosting physical energy and mental clarity is the black tourmaline stone.

It assists with detoxification, eliminates toxic heavy metals, and boosts immune function. It also reduces pain, especially muscle pain and arthritis.

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Tips On Using Healing Crystals

Meditate. Stones hold certain truths that we can only hope to tap into because they are much older than we are. But when you meditate with these crystals, you can intuitively sense healing vibrational peaks. similar to how your “gut feeling” led you to discover certain facts that helped shape who you are today. If you’re a little disoriented, try focusing on your bracelet or necklace and then taking appropriate action.

Healing Crystal Grids. Not everybody should use crystal grids. While technically not a grid, bracelets and necklaces are. Additionally, we offer a bracelet that charges over night when positioned over the included reiki stones.

Snoozing close to healing crystals. While healing crystals are wonderful when we are awake, when we are asleep, our protective mental barriers are down. When we sleep close to healing crystals, we allow them to clear the negativity of the day, which speeds up healing, rest, and learning.

Move with them. About three feet surround us in our energy field. It’s not the best practice to leave a crystal lying around to avoid bothering them. Give them an “exercise,” that is what is best. By making crystal wands that they swish around while working their entire energy aura, some people have elevated the practice of crystal healing to a new level.

Homes and cars are both good choices. Since healing crystals protect us, it is only a logical choice to put them in our cars and homes. Higher energy shields that protect us from accidents or break-ins can be constructed with the aid of protective crystals. To draw the energy of romance into your bedroom, you might also try adding rose quartz.

How To Wear Healing Crystals A Beginner's Guide
How To Wear Healing Crystals? A Beginner’s Guide

Healing Crystal & Gemstones Types

After defining the advantages of using healing crystals, let’s discuss the most well-liked healing crystals that can be found in our healing gemstone bracelets and spiritual crystal necklaces.


The agate stone’s main quality is stability. It instills in the wearer a sense of situational acceptance and the understanding that perspective is all that counts. Another great way to play up your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses is to use the grounding energy of agate.


Amazonite is what you require if your mind is constantly thinking unfavorable things. Your balance can be returned to its most harmonious state by the natural healing stone. Amazonites can also get rid of their anxiety, depression, and self-doubt.


After a long day, amethysts are like our pets. They tap into calming energy that can help counteract the day’s stress. Additionally, they aid in relaxation and sound sleep.


When using aventurine, grin as though luck is on your side. The energy of plenty is specifically their target. Its whimsical energy will help you win every wager you place by bestowing the talent of intuition.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the most effective protection stones when it comes to warding off bad energy, so use it to keep your happy bubble safe. By keeping other people’s negative energies at bay, the shields of protection it creates can keep you happy.


Citrine is an energizing stone that clears negative energy rather than absorbing it. It keeps its cheery hue by exuding strength and assurance.

Clear Quartz

There is clarity in clear quartz. A more stable chakra system, a clearer mind, and a healthier body are the results of this stone of illumination’s linking of all seven chakra points.


Garnet is the healing crystal of vitality, giving you the same amount of energy as four double espresso shots without the crash. It stimulates the body’s chi, or life force.


Hematite is similar to your best friend who won’t put up with your BS. Hematite is the most effective grounding stone at bringing you back to reality. Hematite will help you maintain focus if you’ve been distracted for a while.


If you want to attract wealth and abundance, wear a jade stone. Jade has been a staple stone for many ancient and even contemporary cultures because of the spiritual guidance it provides.


The easiest way to reach a higher state of consciousness is with labradorite. In addition to being a protective stone, labradorite is renowned for its enigmatic abilities to pique your curiosity while illuminating the path of your destiny.

Lapis Lazuli

The stone of awakening is lapis lazuli. recognizing your true strengths and motivating you to begin that journey through self-discovery. A lapis lazuli healing stone can be useful if you’re having trouble expressing yourself or finding your voice.


The tough Malachite is your mother’s tough love when you need to realize your own situation. It is one of the most potent transformational stones. The stone to use if your relationships are prone to failure is malachite.


Moonstone is like having a particularly good hair day, where your cat eye is perfect and you slept for eight hours the night before. The stone of tenderness plays up your divine femininity and awakens your inner goddess.


The most beautiful black obsidian is best for practicing reflection. The obsidian stone will reflect your true self when you look at both your good and your bad traits. Additionally, it will help you break the destructive patterns in your life.


Feeling so tense? Onyx, a healing stone, has the power to encourage you to take a deep breath, take a step back, and find a balance so that you can regain control of yourself. It will enable you to get rid of the things that make you feel heavy because it can give you strength.

Red Jasper

Red jasper is a soothing stone with a pure essence, much like the friend who offers tissues when you rant about your problems in life. When you’re feeling down, it will be your pillar of support and nurture you.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz will help you to be open to receiving and giving. Rose quartz, one of the most well-liked stones, will make you wear your heart on your sleeve. The stone of universal love, it opens the heart chakra.


Serpentine will assist in restoring balance to your messy hormone imbalances so that healing can occur by clearing out the tense areas of your chakra system. Don’t be afraid to practice what you preach because it is also the stone of attaining and manifestation.

Smoky Quartz

The stone of the woke is smoky quartz. Because the stone’s vibrant energy will give you the ability to let all the negativity out, there is no room for moping around or stewing in your own juices. Smoky quartz is also excellent at eradicating jealousy, rage, and fear.


Sweet Sodalite will increase self-confidence and trust. Use the harmonious energy of sodalite to improve the connection between the mind and the body.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a primal and passionate stone that will give you a keen sense of reality. Positive intentions all around you can never get past your tiger eyes, giving you the ability to see things clearly in all circumstances.


Turquoise, regarded as the “Master Healer,” is the stone of complete healing. The stone, which is regarded as the gateway to heaven, will make it simple for you to connect with your mind and facilitate communication with your soul.

Colors, Meanings, Uses Of Healing Gemstone 

Natural stones have healing properties in addition to having different colors and symbolic meanings. Stones with similar color families typically share similar healing qualities. See below for a list of the healing crystals’ colors and meanings:


Meaning: Purity, Clarity, Openness
Uses: Amplification, Substitution, Cleansing
Stones: Moonstone, Quartz

Healing crystals in the color white are incredibly absorbent. Many people use white crystals and gemstones to clear and clean the mind when meditating for good fortune and having the protection of the light after dark because they are excellent for learning and cleansing.


Meaning: Solidity, Blending in, Convention, Orderly
Uses: Grounding, Protecting, Physical-Manifest, Guiding
Stones: Petrified Wood, Tiger’s Eye

The stones of stability are those that are naturally brown. No matter the journey, they give the wearer a sense of grounding. When confronted with a new situation, brown colors typically give you a sense of stability.


Meaning: Vitality, Passion, Life, Danger
Uses: Energizing
Stones: Garnet, Ruby, Jasper

Red is primarily associated with warmth because it is one of the warmest colors. In addition to being the color of blood, red has a powerful symbolism for life and passion. Red gemstones are excellent for boosting self-assurance and initiative, reviving enthusiasm, and shielding the wearer from fear and anxiety. Red’s sudden burst of energy serves as both a motivational boost and a cautionary tale.


Meaning: Control, Thoughtfulness, Luck
Uses: Releasing, Stimulating, Promoting, Healing
Stones: Sunstone, Copper, Aragonite

It is widely acknowledged that orange natural healing stones represent healing. This is because orange and sunshine are very similar colors. Gemstones in the color orange dispel bad energy and promote wellness. Orange is the color you need to wear if you’re feeling under the weather.


Meaning: Creativity, Intellect, Awareness, Alertness
Uses: Aligning, Focusing, Reorganizing
Stones: Sulphur, Amber, Mookaite

The crystals for changing bad habits or forming good ones are yellow healing stones. They clean and reorganize your chakra system to align your intentions and give them a laser-like focus on enhancing your general health.


Meaning: Growth, Nature, Life, Harmony
Uses: Physical Healing, Redirecting, Balancing
Stones: Emerald, Jade, Malachite

Green healing crystals are the gems of healing because they make the potent calming energies of nature manifest. By rerouting the flow of energy through our chakras to balance each point, these stones help us get rid of the negativity.


Meaning: Perspective, Inspiration, Confidence
Uses: Communicating, Balance, Inspiring
Stones: Turquoise, Sapphire, Sodalite

The blue healing crystals primarily promote communication and openness. You can never go wrong when choosing blue if you’re trying to figure something out or uncover a murky truth about yourself. Blue also provides you with the song to listen to when you’re in a stump in order to find your inspiration.


Meaning: Royalty, Wisdom, Insights, Subconscious
Uses: Calming, Reflecting, Mastering
Stones: Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite, Azurite

Indigo healing stones are the crystals you require when you need to find some time to step back, center yourself, and unwind. They have been used to help you navigate your own erratic journey of self-reflection on your own intentions and actions.


Meaning: Purpose, Good Judgment, Magic, Imagination
Uses: Grounding, Calming, Maximizing, Uplifting
Stones: Amethyst, Iolite, Sugilite

Because violet healing crystals are a combination of the colors red and blue, they contain both the potent energies of red and blue. It combines the coolness of blue and the warmth of red, making it one of the most potent stone colors. This energy vibrates at an extremely high wavelength of frequency.


Meaning: Mystery, Discovery, Resilience
Uses: Protecting, Absorbing, Deflecting
Stones: Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian

Black healing crystals are the go-to stones for those who want to deflect unfavorable thoughts and intentions because they are resilient and powerful. The reputation of Black is among the worst, but that shouldn’t be the case at all. Black crystals are essential for anyone looking to establish self-control and the opportunity to start over because they have the power to absorb negative energy while also protecting the wearer.


Meaning: Acceptance, Contentment, Tenderness, Love
Uses: Neutralizing, Accepting, Calming, Promoting
Stones: Pink Opal, Rose Quartz, Morganite

The stone of affection and love is the pink crystal. They represent love and romance. This represents everything positive and comforting about love thanks to the lovely contrast of fiery red and purifying white. The pink healing stones also easily stimulate qualities like compassion and self-worth.They can also divert other people’s resentment and jealousy.

The types, hues, and significance of gemstones are now well-understood by you. We’ll now get to the best part: learning how to use our gemstone jewelry for healing.

If you have read or done your research about healing crystals and gemstones, you’d know that most people carry a piece of gemstones with them wherever they go. We have the easiest way to carry your gemstones on your person to help with this: you wear them as gemstone bracelets and/or necklaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Wear Your Left Wrist’s Crystal Bracelets?

According to eastern spiritual traditions such as Taoism, Tantrism, and Hatha Yoga, the left side of humans is the feminine, receptive side where we draw in and receive energies.

On your left wrist, wear your gemstone bracelet.

  • when you want to resonate with the crystals’ energy
  • to absorb and focus healing energies through the body
  • while you are sleeping, because at night you are more receptive
  • to infuse your aura or the chakras with the energy of the crystals

Wear The Crystal Bracelets On Your Right Wrist When?

The being’s masculine, yang side is on the right. The dynamic, manifesting side is it.

When you require the energy of the crystal, it is advised that you wear your bracelet on your right wrist to:

  • release toxins and negative energies
  • facilitate the control of your energies
  • align your chakras
  • manifest your intentions


How to wear healing crystals was the main topic of the post.

The universe is vibrating. This has been scientifically demonstrated; it is not a new age theory. Your jewelry made of crystals and the crystals you’ve been collecting all have their own unique vibrations. Therefore, when you wear a crystal, you are allowing that crystal to change your vibration.