4 Best Web Browser For Wear OS In 2022 With Full Explanation

4 Best Web Browser For Wear OS In 2022 With Full Explanation

First, which web browsers work best with Wear OS?

The top 4 web browsers for wearable operating systems are generally. They are the Samsung Internet Browser, Chrome Browser, Web Browser for Wear OS (WIB), and Odd Browser for Wear OS.

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Best Web Browser For Wear Os

Chrome Browser

Best Web Browser For Wear Os
Best Web Browser For Wear Os

The most widely used web browser, Google Chrome, isn’t actually supported by Wear OS. They’ll have their own excuse for not including it in the smartwatches. Fortunately, you can unofficially install Google Chrome on your wear OS smartwatch. You must first enable the ADB debugging option over Wi-Fi in order to download the Chrome browser onto your smartwatch. Recall that the WiFi network must be the same for both your smartphone and smartwatch to function.

Now install the Easy-Fire Tools app on your smartphone. Enter your smartwatch’s IP address after the app has been installed. Connect the two devices at this time. Select the Chrome APK from your phone’s storage to transfer and install it on your smartwatch.

Note: Although users should be aware that they might need to test out various Google Chrome versions on their wear OS smartwatches before finding the right one. But once you’ve discovered the proper Google Chrome APK file for your Wear OS smartwatch, it will be the best web browser for your wearable.

How To Install Chrome Browser On Wear OS Watch?

Ever ponder the lack of a Chrome browser on Wear OS from Google? Google may have its reasons, but the good news is that you can sideload the Chrome APK to install it on your Android smartwatch in an unofficial manner.

To do this, first enable ADB debugging over WiFi on your watch by turning on developer options. Install and launch the Easy Fire Tools app on your phone while confirming that the watch and phone are both connected to the same WiFi network.

When the app is installed, enter the watch’s IP address in the settings to connect the two devices. The Chrome APK (download here) can then be chosen from your phone’s storage and transferred to your smartwatch before being installed.

If you’ve never done this before, it might seem very tedious. We have an in-depth, step-by-step tutorial for installing APK on Wear OS smartwatches so that you can find the process easier.

Web Browser For Wear Os (WIb)

Web Browser For Wear Os (WIb)
Web Browser For Wear Os (WIb)

The only internet browser that works on WiFi and does not require a phone is Web Browser for Wear OS. The Web Browser for Wear OS does not need your Android or iPhone nearby. The WIB browser has a ton of features, like voice search and a tiny built-in keyboard for web browsing. Users of this browser can access links on their phone and vice versa.

Aside from that, you can also get many other features like pinch zooming, showing a connection indicator, and removing bookmarks. The WIB browser will also have a back and forward button for users. A useful tool to have on our wrist for a quick search is the Web Browser for Wear OS browser.

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser
Samsung Internet Browser

For all smartwatches running Wear OS, Samsung recently released the Samsung Internet Browser. You can download it from the Google Play Store to any of your Android smartwatches, and it is both user-friendly and secure.

You have three options to search your query and it feels very polished coming from a reputable brand. You can eitheruse voice search, use the on-screen keyboard, or even use the handwriting option, provided the watch supports it.

For ease of access, the browser provides a set ofbookmarks on the home screen, including links to Google, YouTube, and weather. Furthermore, it can be used to play YouTube videos on the watch.

While browsing, you can swipe up on the screen to reveal options to add a page to your bookmarks, activate Zoom mode, and send the page to your phone. You can pinch inward and outward on rounded displays to see the page’s margins.

While the app doesn’t offer many customization options, you can choose to delete your browsing history, which includes cache, cookies, and location access information.

Odd Browser For Wear OS

Odd Browser For Wear OS
Odd Browser For Wear OS

You can use Odd Browser without a phone because it is a quick, private, and secure internet browser. It offers a quick and fluid user experience while supporting many different web APIs.

You can enjoy streaming websites like Twitch, Youtube, and many others with the help of the audio and video codecs included in this smartwatch browser. It can be used through watch WiFi and serves as a standalone web browser for smartwatches as well.

With a built-in keyboard that includes a text, number, symbol, date picker, and color picker, Odd Browser provides a quick Google search option. It also offers the ability to reload the page and supports back and forward navigation.

In addition, you can take pleasure in background music listening while performing other tasks. Additionally, there are useful features like full-screen browser rendering, a loading indicator, website bookmarking, and online HTML5 gameplay. See more about Best Rear Lifting Shapewear

Cons Of Using Internet Browser On Smartwatches

While the ability to browse the web while on the go is made possible by having a web browser on a smartwatch, there are some restrictions as well, which are naturally caused by the hardware limitations and the small screen size of the watch:

  • Very small screen size for browsing
  • Browser may suffer consistent lags
  • Affects battery life and may cause heating in smartwatch
  • Typing experience would be tedious
  • Can strain your eyes
  • Lack of full fledged browsing

The End

The freedom to install apps from the Google Play Store is a significant benefit of Wear OS. With this, you can use your wrist to perform nearly all of the functions of a phone, including playing music and games, using social media, making calls, and more. You can even use your Wear OS smartwatch to browse the web, though it might not be as practical.

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