How To Wear A Waist Trainer Under Clothes: How To Hide

Helpful Tips How To Wear A Waist Trainer Under Clothes

A waist trainer is essentially a modernized corset that tightens the area around your waist. Your waist is supposed to be “trained” to get smaller. By pinching in your lower ribs, it can minimize the size of your waist, but it won’t truly reduce the fat around your waist. Your health won’t be negatively impacted by occasionally wearing a waist trainer, but be sure to take care and refrain from doing so. The article will give useful tips on how to wear a waist trainer under clothes.

Choose Right Waist Trainer

Hourglass Angel exclusively offers the best waist trainers on the market after extensive testing and curation by our expert stylists. However, if you look around our store, you could still feel as though there are too many options! There are many things to think about while selecting the ideal waist trainer, so let us help you focus your search.


Do you intend to exercise while using your waist trainer? (We heartily endorse it!) Get yourself a workout band so you can work out and sweat more in the proper spots.

Are you a career lady who needs to present yourself professionally every day at work? Consider wearing a simple, neutral-colored everyday cincher underneath your clothing.

Do you wish to shed the baby weight if you’re a new mother? To have plenty of room to size down, try a garment with three rows of hooks.


Latex is the most widely utilized material for waist trainers because it is long-lasting and offers constant, strong compression.

have latex sensitivity? No issue.

Try a steel-boned corset for even more dramatic results when corseting in the more conventional lace-up manner.

Do you want something lightweight and cozy? Use a gentle compression belt.

Body Type:

You could need a shorter waist trainer if you’re small.

Pick a vest style if you require additional bust support; if your bust to waist ratio is especially large, consider one with adjustable straps for the perfect fit.

Do you need additional assistance choosing the ideal waist trainer? Check out this guide for more information.

Can’t decide on just one? In fact, using two or more is advised! In this manner, you may switch them out in your wardrobe, give them a break, and keep them tidy.

Following Are Some Sizing Suggestions For When You Get Your Order

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Start tying a waist trainer with a hook-and-eye closure from the bottom up around the narrowest portion of your waist. Pull the cincher down over your abdomen as you progress up it.

  • Use a mirror or ask a buddy to assist you try on a lace-up corset if you’re wearing one. First, make sure the front is fastened. Start at the top and bottom and work your way towards the center to tighten the laces in the back.
  • Never try to force something that doesn’t fit. While your waist trainer should be snug, you shouldn’t have to tug on it to put it on because doing so puts the garment at risk of being harmed.
  • Before you begin a waist training program, make sure to break in your clothing. 
  • Before beginning to use a latex waist cincher for longer hours, try wearing it for an hour or two at a time for a few days. 
  • Before you can tighten a steel-boned corset all the way, it needs to be worn multiple times loosely for about an hour at a time.

Wearing On A New Waist Trainer

It can be a little challenging to wear waist sneakers if you’ve never tried them.

Although they will seem snug, you shouldn’t tug on the buttons to put them on because doing so could break them.

Step 1

To fasten the dress’ hook at the front of the body, use a waistband. It works best if you fasten them around the portion of your waist that is the narrowest, then as you walk, draw your clothes down to your stomach.

Step 2

In order to have room to lose weight, your clothing should ideally be the most appropriate for the loosest setting when you begin waist training. Wear a waist trainer for approximately an hour at a time the first few times to give it time to break in.

Helpful Tips on How To Wear A Waist Trainer Under Clothes
Helpful Tips on How To Wear A Waist Trainer Under Clothes

Step 3

The procedure is different if you’re using a lace-up corset because you have to fasten it at the back. It takes some getting used to, so you might want to ask for assistance the first few times. If you proceed from the top and bottom of the corset to the middle of your back, it’s similar to tying your shoes.

Step 4

Fasten the shoelace after it has been snugged. Note that the corset must first be seasoned (run in) before being tightened. For the first few times, don’t tighten it up too much, but make sure it fits comfortably without sliding.

Step 5

Wear your shoes for an hour or two at a period over several days before tying them.

More information on steel corsets can be found in the ultimate corset training handbook.

Step 6

You should remove your waist trainer right once if there is any bulging, soreness, or shortness of breath. It could be uncomfortable to wear it for a prolonged period of time if you are not used to it.

In order to assist your body acclimate, we advise introducing waist training gradually.

Planning Personal Style

When it comes to the role of the waist trainer under your clothes, what you like to wear is a big variable. 

When your clothes go with a waist trainer, some of the questions you need to ask yourself include: 


Will you wear thick or thin? Please note that if you wear very light material, the hooks on the waist trainer may be exposed. 


Do you wear light colors or dark colors? If you are wearing light or transparent fabric, the color prints or dark colors on your waist trainer can be displayed. 


Do you wear a well-fitting blouse or dress, especially the lighter ones? The seams on the waist trainer may be displayed. Obviously, the jacket doesn’t match. 

If you have some clothing styles that may bring some problems to the waist trainer, don’t worry. 

Tips For Wearing A Waist Trainer

If you want to insist on daily waist training, but some of your personal styles seem to be ineffective, don’t despair.

There are some ways to continue wearing the waist trainer without sacrificing your favorite clothes.

  • When you wear thin or light-colored fabrics, and the waist trainer may be exposed, use another shaping clothing. We have all kinds of seamless thin waist clothes, which can still compress your waist without revealing.
  • Try to shape underwear, tights, and high-waisted tights, to name just a few. On some days, wearing a bodysuit instead of a waist trainer, you won’t let your waist train backward.
  • Try the open waist trainer, which won’t have any seams and hooks exposed from the clothes.
  • Make sure the colors and patterns you choose don’t stand out. Many styles of sports bracelets are designed to show off in the gym. They are printed with colorful prints, but they are not ideal under white shirts.

As mentioned above, rotate several styles of waist trainers in your wardrobe. Nude and black waist training shoes are ideal for daily use. Integrate waist trainers into your personal style instead of trying to hide them!

Many women like interesting prints, which you can show off in the gym or when running.

You may also like the retro look of lace corsets used as coats.

Just wear it on a thin lace shirt.


Wearing a waist trainer under your clothes can be a little tricky if you’re not accustomed to it, but once you’ve figured out how to make it work, it shouldn’t be difficult to incorporate it into your personal style effortlessly.

Even if you discover that you’re not wearing certain styles of clothing as often as you used to, you might find that it’s worth it just because of the flattering benefits to your waistline. And don’t forget—it won’t completely set you back to skip a day of waist training every now and then, especially if you’ve been very committed to the practice. After all, why work so hard when you can’t show off your tiny waist in swimwear or your cute little top?

Finally, if need more specific style suggestions, particularly for special occasions or simply finding the perfect waist trainer, our customer service team is happy to help. Our expert stylists use waist trainers and other shapewear themselves and can give you the specific advice you need to perfect any look, no matter what your style. Contact our team – we’re here to help!