Can You Wear Earbuds With A Tragus Piercing: Frequently Answered

Can You Wear Earbuds With A Tragus Piercing: Answered

Can you wear earbuds with a tragus piercing? Avoid wearing earbuds if you want to. It should be clear why you shouldn’t let them touch your clean tragus because doing so creates additional irritation to the piercing and they are likely dirty with various forms of bacteria on them. … Till the piercing has healed, avoid wearing headphones that insert into the ear canal.

Definition Of A Tragus Piercing

The Tragus is a tiny flap of cartilage that sits over the front of the ear canal. Its cause is to stop small objects like filth or bugs from flying into your ear.

The time period tragus is Greek and refers to an obtrusion or outstanding point. This section of the ear is barely much less touchy to piercing than the earlobe.

However, due to the fact of its positioning, the tragus piercing is difficult to a honest quantity of environmental publicity and requires some greater interest all through healing.

There is some folklore suggesting that a tragus piercing can extend one’s listening to capability or experience of balance, however this is but to be scientifically confirmed.

Common Mistakes Of Tragus Piercings

Below is a quick listing of some frequent reasons of contamination or infection whilst the use of earbuds with a tragus piercing:

Using During Sleep – Earbuds are designed for satisfied use at some stage in sleep. However, in the course of sleep, the tragus piercing can be uncovered to a lot of friction. This friction is exasperated if customers sleep with earbuds and can reason extreme infection to the piercing, in particular if the wound is fresh.

Using Wet or Damp Earbuds – Bacteria multiplies in warm, moist conditions. Using moist or damp earbuds can motive moisture to acquire round the tragus piercing and this tremendously will increase the chance of infection.

Wearing Earbuds With Other Jewelry – Certain earbud proprietors can also like to accumulate piercings on specific components of their body, with the most famous section being the ear. However, it’s now not endorsed to use earbuds with ears that have a number of piercings on them, as the earbuds can without difficulty end up caught or tangled in any of the piercings and purpose serious injury.

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Overly loud sound tiers – The ear as a complete ought to in no way be subjected to immoderate sound levels, and the identical precept applies to earbuds. Overly loud tune can irritate the ears that ought to unfold to the tragus piercing and purpose infection or worse.

Time To Wear Earphones After A Tragus 

You will usually favor to pay attention to the recommendation of the piercer alongside with any sound clinical recommendation like your doctor, however there is a everyday size of time for you to true heal if no problems occur.

The regular time to heal is 4 to eight weeks, this enable recovery of the sparkling piercing which can end an contamination or comparable trouble as your earphones are commonly protected in micro organism from being open to the air. Bacteria is what can reason a host of problems with open wounds so it is high-quality to heed this advice.

If you strive to reduce this quick you have a a whole lot increased danger of inflicting an contamination due to introducing extra micro organism without delay to the place which has the unhealed wound, infections can purpose a extensive range of fitness troubles so please be careful.

Wear Airpods With A Tragus

For many they use Apple units and are searching in particular at Apple merchandise like the AirPods and AirPods Pro and they marvel “can you put on AirPods with a tragus piercing”?

While now not cautioned in the recovery process, after recuperation has completed you can put on your AirPods even though for many it will require per chance moving the piercing to get the house to enable the AirPods to entirely insert and continue to be locked in.

In fact, humans with a couple of Tragus, like vertical and horizontal, are capable to put on AirPods additionally via simply transferring round the rings to healthy them in.

The key takeaway right here is that as lengthy as you care for your ear and the piercing in the tragus you shouldn’t have any problems with sporting earbuds until the proper rings is outsized (especially hoop styled). Otherwise, you shouldn’t have any troubles with maintaining your AirPods in location with tragus piercing.

Ways To Use Your Earbuds With A Tragus Piercing

Allow The Wound To Heal Properly  – This step is the most quintessential to the use of earbuds effortlessly with a tragus piercing. Users ought to be certain to let their piercing heal for a few days earlier than trying to use their earbuds to decrease the danger of irritation or infection.

Clean Earbuds – Earbuds can choose up a shocking amount of germs and micro organism for the duration of or in between use. These germs can come from a range of sources and are mainly hazardous to touchy pores and skin and wounds such as a tragus piercing. Users must be certain to appropriately easy their earbuds earlier than trying use with their tragus piercing

Pace Usage Appropriately – Even if their earbuds are relaxed to use on the first try, customers have to make positive to now not use their earbuds too regularly to irritate their tragus piercing.

Ensure Proper Fit – Any free putting or badly earbuds are greater in all likelihood to go round for the duration of use, and this will increase the possibilities of inflammation or harm round the tragus piercing. It’s endorsed to solely purchase and use earbuds that have a tight, cozy internal the ear and that don’t fall out easily.

Ways To Listen To Headphones With A New Tragus

Can You Wear Earbuds With A Tragus Piercing: Answered
Can You Wear Earbuds With A Tragus Piercing: Answered

Once you made the selection and have received the tragus piercing whole you might also desire to hear to some music, play some games, or pay attention to an audiobook. If this is the case you want to suppose about how do you hear to headphones with a new tragus piercing?

While earbuds are out, you can discover yourself a pair of on or over-ear headphones that will no longer follow stress to the house nor add micro organisms that may want to reason the infection.

As you can see after restoration then it is extra about having the proper stud in the first location that offers you area for an earbud or AirPod to healthy in the area except for the pressure.

Care Tips For After Tragus Piercing

Wash and Clean correctly – The single most necessary addiction that customers can adapt for a sparkling tragus piercing is a steady cleansing routine. The cleaner the wound stays whilst healing, the decrease the chance of infection.

Use Caution When Washing Hair – Many human beings have a tendency to forget their piercings when taking a shower, as they think about this as a shape of cleaning. Users must wait a few days earlier than washing their hair so as no longer to permit any moisture to gather around the clean wound.

Rubbing Alcohol – Rubbing alcohol is one of the most secure and most dependable cleansing options customers can observe for their tragus piercings. Rubbing alcohol kills any shape of micro organism around the wound nearly right now except inflicting any injury to the pores and skin or tissue around the ear.

Allow Adequate Healing Time – Tragus piercings commonly take somewhere between six and eight weeks to absolutely heal. Users need to be certain to preserve their cleansing pursuits constant for this complete duration and to strive and keep away from things to do that may additionally irritate the piercing or surrounding area.


When fully healed, wearing a huge earring won’t cause you any problems. To reduce the amount of irritation and bacteria introduced to the region during the healing process, it is advised that you refrain from using the area while it is still freshly pierced.