Xpluswears.com Reviews In 2022 [Updated]

Xpluswears.com Reviews In 2022 [Updated]

An online clothing retailer called Xpluswear.com sells clothing made specifically for plus-size women. Despite the fact that the website is Chinese, it ships to many different nations. Numerous dresses, tops, jeans, formal pants, jumpsuits, 2 piece sets, and accessories are available at low costs and are further marked down during sales.

A quick look at Xpluswears.com reviews: We can say that in addition to the negative comments, there are a number of other factors that lead us to believe that purchasing from Xpluswear will result in a financial loss. Because the website is new, they are given the benefit of the doubt. Even though the chances seem slim, they might be true, and their rivals might be libelous.

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Xpluswears.com Customer Reviews

  • These people are con artists; if you order from them, you won’t get your items. I ordered two things from them over two months ago, and I still haven’t received them.
  • It was a black dress with polka-dot sleeves that I had ordered. The second item was a royal gown with rhinestones, but the dress was perfect. When my order was delivered, I was very miffed. I received neither a return label nor an invoice for the awful dress. I was disappointed and shocked.
  • This business is absolute garbage. The clothes don’t resemble the image at all. It took over 30 days for my order to arrive. The clothes were too small!

Pros And Cons

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons that Xpluswear.com comes with:


  • A vast option of plus size wears to choose from
  • Reasonable Prices
  • A multitude of convenient payment methods
  • Customization options are also available
  • Valid SSL certificate


  • The website access is blocked in many countries
  • The nation that hosts Xpluswear.com is regarded as being high-risk.
  • The website is brand-new and unpopular.
  • No Cash on delivery option
Xpluswears.com Reviews In 2022 [Updated]
Xpluswears.com Reviews In 2022 [Updated]

What Are Some Of The Current Xpluswear Reviews?

With only 2.2 stars, Xpluswear.com has a subpar rating. Even the customers don’t appear to be pleased with their purchases. Many have voiced their displeasure over unfulfilled orders from months ago. People who have received their orders have complained that the clothes are made of subpar materials. They did not receive the same sizes, and occasionally the actual product was completely different from the image.

Customers of Xpluswear complained that the business denied their refund requests.

Additionally, their 30-day return policy is only applicable if customers send the order back to China on their own dime. Some claim that the website is a scam and that nobody should ever purchase anything from it.

However, a few customers mentioned that they received their orders on time and that the quality of the product and packaging was excellent. They were happy with the services and how well the clothes fit. See more about Kane Footwear Reviews

Is Xpluswear Brand A Real Company? How Can We Say That?

Examining customer reviews and ratings is the best way to determine how good or bad a brand is. The fact that there are no reviews of Xpluswear on the website itself raises suspicions about them, and reviews on other blogs are largely unfavorable as well.

The domain is new and the WHOIS identity of the domain name owner is also hidden; this may be because the owner wants to avoid receiving spam emails and messages. It is important to note this because many fraudulent websites exhibit this pattern.

Since the website is new, despite the super attractive and “die for” offers, there aren’t many visitors on this website. Because of this, it is difficult to establish much credibility for the brand, and the trust index is only 1%.

Furthermore, the server on which this website is hosted has a history of hosting a lot of dubious websites, and it is located in a high-risk nation. This leads us to believe that the website is fraudulent.

But let’s not go there just yet.

This website’s presence on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram gives us reason to believe that it might be trustworthy. They can be seen on Facebook responding to customer questions and comments, which a scammer would never do. In addition, the phone number and address listed on the website are accurate.

About Xpluswear.com

Xpluswear is a name with a clear meaning that supports inclusive sizing in the fashion industry. This name would be perfect for a company that offers a wide range of sizes so that every customer can feel and look their best. Xpluswear may function as an online clothing store, a boutique, a line of plus size intimate clothing, a bespoke tailoring service, a made-to-measure design studio, and more.


In summarizing the Xpluswear reviews, we can say that a number of other factors, in addition to the unfavorable comments, lead us to believe that purchasing from Xpluswear will result in a financial loss. Due to the fact that the website is brand-new, they also receive some leeway. The likelihood that they are legitimate may be lower than it seems because their rivals may be engaging in defamation campaigns.

Please let us know if Xpluswears.com is a reliable brand or a scam if you have ever purchased from them.

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