Archies Footwear Review: Customer Review In 2022

Archies Footwear Review Customer Review In 2022

How are Archies shoes perceived by the public? What are the Archies reviews of footwear? In essence, compliments and criticisms coexist. Some people believe that Archies shoes offer excellent customer service in addition to comfort and gorgeous color! While others question the quality of Archies footwear.

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Praises Of Archies Footwear

They Are Concerned About Losing Beth.

‘Beth is exceptional on social media. My order ran into three issues along the way. 1 – couldn’t easily find a way to make an Ordering from a UK location and shipping to the EU. 2 – ordered the wrong size. 3 – return address sent product back. Each time, Beth handled it like a pro and was incredibly prompt, thorough, courteous, and quick to come up with novel solutions. I believe that some of her coworkers could learn from her example and realize that exceptional customer service reads the fine print and doesn’t rely on canned responses. Everyone was polite, but Beth always took the initiative and handled matters. Additionally, we use the term “thongs” here in Australia where I currently reside. I am aware of what that means in the US and the UK. But since Archies is an Australian business, don’t argue with us when a customer refers to something as thongs rather than flip flops. Something is wrong with it. Once more, the key is to stray from the script when it counts.

Outstanding Customer Service, Comfort, And Lovely Color!

Since I suffer from plantar fasciitis, I ordered a pair of Archies based on positive reviews I’d read in previous reviews. The website’s navigation and color and size selection were simple. Delivery happened extremely quickly!
As I wasn’t entirely confident that I had selected the best fit for myself, I used the online contact service, which was once again simple to use, to arrange an exchange size. The very next day, a representative contacted me via email and provided some beneficial fit advice. The representative offered to send the next size up to allow me to compare sizes since I wasn’t completely sure yet. It was the best customer service I’ve had in a long time. Oli was very knowledgeable and helpful during our email conversations.
Within two days, my replacement pair came and fit me perfectly. Please accept my gratitude for Archies and Oli’s superb customer support.

You’ve Found The Most Incredible Flip Flop Right Here, So Stop Searching!

The most comfortable flip flops and thongs I’ve ever bought. I finally discovered what works after trying everything from havies and masseurs to ostensibly arch-supporting thongs!
Not only the support and alignment I need, the circulation benefits from my Rare Condition- Sneddon’s Syndrome (which I suffer Raynauds and Livedo Reticularis and Strokes due to this condition)
Finding the right shoes is essential, particularly in the summer. I’m very picky about the things I buy these days because I’ve had five foot surgeries and four knee surgeries. Archie’s are designed to mold to your body, putting you in the ideal biomechanical position for better postural support and efficient athletic recovery. I’ve worn flip flops and thongs for 45 years, but these are my favorite because they mold to your feet like none other!

Complaints Of Archies Footwear

It Hurts Between The Big Toe And The Second Toe.

I adore flip-flops, with one comfort-related exception. It hurts because the piece between the toes is thick. Hopefully, they just need to break them in.

The Archies For My Daughter Broke After Three Months.

Three months later, my daughter’s Archies broke. When I request a replacement under warranty, they refuse because they claim the item is out of stock even though their website makes it clear that it is.


Not as great as I had hoped. Some instep support, but since they are thongs they won’t provide any support on concrete because they are very flat. They fit snugly and effectively prevent toe clamping.

Archies Footwear Review Customer Review In 2022
Archies Footwear Review: Customer Review In 2022

What Exactly Are Archies Shoes?

This brand’s footwear is made of foam, which is very comfortable for both men and women. Making shoes that allow you to walk comfortably without having to stretch your muscles is the main goal of Archies footwear. Therefore, once you begin wearing Archies shoes, you don’t want to switch to any other brand.

After searching theArchies Footwear Reviews, we can say that the product is awesome. Wearing this soft, comfortable footwear, which relieves stress on the muscles, is something many podiatrists advise their patients who suffer from foot conditions.

People are gravitating toward Archies products if they want soft, comfortable thongs.

Is Archies Footwear’s Website Trustworthy?

  • Domain Age: It was started on May 15, 2012.
  • Trust score: – It is good to 86%.
  • Address Details: No mention is made of an address.
  • Contact Number: Buyers can contact via the contact us page
  • Email Id: It isn’t mentioned on the website, but you can get it from its Facebook page.
  • Duplicate Site: Nothing comparable has been discovered.
  • Reviews: The reviews are all positive and can be found on the top social media platforms.
  • Social Media Channels: Top social media platforms like Facebook have a website for it.
  • Product availability Date: The company website doesn’t make any mention of it.

Hence,the question is- Is Archies Footwear Legit? On the basis of the aforementioned data, we discover a lack of contact information. However, we gather enough favorable product reviews from the Facebook page to suggest that the website is legitimate.

Final Words

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