ADS Sports Eyewear Review In 2022 [Updated]

ADS Sports Eyewear Review In 2022 [Updated]

First, let’s talk about the ADS Sports Eyewear reviews.

Some people praise ADS Sports Eyewear for its excellent service, high caliber, and accessibility when looking for quality sports eyewear.

Some people dislike ADS Sports Eyewear and think it is a fake company because no one ever picks up the phone or returns voicemail.

Sunglasses and other eyewear for athletes are sold by ADS Sports Eyewear. With free-form digital technology for wrapped frames, prescription sunglasses are the main focus.

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Praises Of ADS Sports Eyewear

Placed An Order Then Tried To Make Me…

Placing an order, then attempting to get my driver’s license and filling out a verification form. If you look up the address listed on the site, it’s a storage facility, so yeah, scam site. What a mistake, I now have to keep an eye on my account for unauthorized charges and consider canceling my card. How these sites have gotten away with this for so long is awful.

Great Service

I had previously ordered reading glasses and prescription sunglasses from ADS. My most recent order was taken over the phone. I collaborate with a person named Taylor. She assisted me in completing my order and was extremely knowledgeable about all the glasses. The most professional employee I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with was probably Taylor. For any eyewear requirements, I would without a doubt suggest ADS.

Have Owned Oakley Prescription…

I once owned fantastic Oakley prescription sunglasses from ADS. Now that my current pair had been discontinued by Oakley, they sent me three new pairs to try out since I needed a new pair. They knew which pair would function because I determined that none of them were accurate. They did a great job on my Rudy Projects! The way they fit you for prescription sunglasses is best ever; highly recommended!

Offers Prompt Service And Top Quality

The ADS staff worked quickly and effectively to obtain the measurements required to fit me with progressive lenses for riding a motorcycle. The product is of excellent quality, and the fit is ideal. I’m very satisfied with the outcome and the method, and I heartily endorse ADS Sports Eyewear to anyone looking for sports-related eyewear.

Love The Glasses, Shipping Process Could Use Work

My prescription glasses were easily ordered, and I’m very happy with them. It appeared that there were some shipping problems, though, as I received two emails with two different tracking numbers, and it took five business days between the time I got the second (true) tracking number and the time the glasses were actually handed off to the USPS. See more about Heelsium Footwear Reviews

ADS Sports Eyewear Review In 2022 [Updated]
ADS Sports Eyewear Review In 2022 [Updated]

Complaints Of ADS Sports Eyewear

Right Now, Everything Is Going Well

I contacted them after ordering a pair of prescription motorcycle sunglasses. The phone was promptly answered, and I was told the status of my order: lenses were on their way from Germany and should arrive any day, so I should have my glasses in about a week. I will keep you updated.

Beware Of ADS

I’ve been a client for a while. The company is not operating as a result of COVID. Nobody picks up the phone or returns voicemail. The one person whose cell number I finally obtained attempted to assist me with an order, but more than a month later I still haven’t received it, AND they cancelled part of the order because they tried to make the lenses three times before giving up.

I had previously placed numerous orders for this lens.

Find a different vendor, is what I advise. This business has actually been shut down.

This Company Is Undoubtedly A Fraud

This is most likely a fake company, in my opinion. They took the money out of my account after I placed an order in March, but I never even got a confirmation. I emailed them numerous times, but I never received a response. Even though I threatened them with a chargeback, nothing has changed.

My Prescription Sunglasses Cost Money…

About six weeks ago, I paid for my prescription sunglasses. Delivery would take 10–12 days, according to them. After 21 days, an email asking about the status received no response. On day 22, I called and was informed that the glasses had broken during grinding and that they would ship in a couple of days. After one more follow-up, they promised to ship the following day and send a confirmation number. Six weeks later, NOTHING..emails for status go unanswered. I will never use them again, in my opinion, complete scam. I would never advise using them.

Very Slow

It took a month to receive my prescription sunglasses after I ordered them! Customer service is not well-communicated. I only heard that it was a busy holiday season and that they were closed over New Year’s as an explanation. What, you shut down your business during the busiest season of the year?!? However, the goggles were quite good, which is why they received a rating of three stars.

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