Can You Wear Headphones with a Tragus Piercing?

Can You Wear Headphones with a Tragus Piercing

People often ask whether they can wear headphones with a tragus pierceing? Tragus piercing is one of people’s favorite perforations. The average healing time of tragus piercing is about 4 to 8 weeks, which varies from person to person. However, if using headphones or earplugs is part of your job, or if you like listening to music through earplugs. No one is advised to wear a tragus pierced earplug unless it is completely healed.

What is Tragus Pierceing?

The use of headphones during tragus piercing may cause infection. People want to get a new ear hole and worry that it will have an impact on other aspects of life, especially tragus piercing, because the position of the tragus in the ear is relative to the earplug. After recovery, you won’t have any problems unless you wear big earrings. It is recommended that in the case of new perforation, the use of any headphone should be abandoned during the healing process to reduce irritation and the number of bacteria added to the area. Tragus pierced is very sensitive. You want to heal your ears without infection. Patience is the key to restoring your music and entertainment needs! You always want to listen to the advice of the perforating machine and reasonable medical advice like your doctor, but if there is no problem, you have a normal period of time for appropriate treatment. The typical healing time of tragus piercing is 4 to 8 weeks, which allows the healing of fresh perforation and can prevent infection or similar problems, because your headphone is usually covered with bacteria and cannot be exposed to the air. Bacteria are the cause of a series of problems in tragus pierce open wounds, so it is best to follow this advice. If you try to shorten this time, you are more likely to cause infection by introducing other bacteria directly into the area of the unhealed wound. Infection may lead to a variety of health problems, so please be careful.

What We Should Know After Tragus Piercing?

Once you have made a decision and completed the tragus spearing, you may want to listen to music, play some games, or listen to an audio book. If this is the case, you need to consider how to use the new tragus pierceingheadphone to listen? When the earplugs are taken out, you can find yourself a pair of headphones to wear on the ears or on the ears. It will neither exert pressure on the space nor increase the bacteria that may cause infection. As you can see after your recovery, the first thing is to have appropriate ear studs so that you can make room for earplugs or airpod without pressure.

Although it is not recommended to use it during the treatment of tragus piercing, you can wear your airpods headphones after the treatment is completed, although for many people, you may need to move the perforation to obtain space to fully insert and keep the airpods locked. In fact, people with multiple tragus piercing, such as those with vertical and horizontal ear screens, can also adapt to them by moving around the jewelry to wear airpods headphones.

The point here is that as long as you love your ears and the perforations on your tragus, you should not have any problem wearing earplugs unless the actual jewelry is oversized (especially the ring). Otherwise, you should not have any problems keeping your tragus pierced in place.

Although many people (in the first 2-3 days) touch the ear screen puncture to remove fluid accumulation, this is not advisable for anyone. Touching can easily cause infection or dirt to enter the wound. If you intend to touch tragus piercing, make sure you wash your hands with antibacterial hand sanitizer before touching tragus piercing. After washing your hands with soap, don’t forget to wash your hands many times a day. This will help prevent bacteria from entering the perforated area.

  • Wash Ears Regularly

Ear screen puncture is mainly performed on cartilage that is easy to absorb water. You can apply a little soap that is good for your health, and then gently clean your ears. Make sure not to drink hot water, as this may cause bleeding or swelling of the tragus Pierce. Rinse with warm water and salt water twice a day.

Don’t forget to use normal saline at least 2-3 times a day. This will keep your tragus pierce dry and clean, and help with rapid healing.

  • Wash Hair

Tragus piercing is often mistaken for tragus piercing, so people often use tragus piercing to wash their hair after wearing the tragus for the first time. This is not recommended because washing your hair can cause new earrings to become infected or swollen.

  • Apply Alcohol to Your Ears

It is a good idea to apply alcohol to your ears regularly, especially when working in an environment where bacteria and dirt are abundant. It is recommended to wipe with alcohol before going to bed at night so that no liquid will accumulate at the puncture site.

  • Tragus Piercing Healing Time

Tragus piercing healed within 6-8 weeks. Once the earplugs begin to heal normally, you can start to consider wearing the tragus pierced earplugs. Prior to this, avoid all types of earrings that may cause infection or further injury to the wound.

It is not necessary to remove the tragus pierce when sleeping, but it must be cleaned before sleeping and after waking up.

Can You Wear Headphones with a New Tragus Piercing?

You should not wear earplugs with a new tragus piercing. Because earplugs will enter your ears and press the jewelry, you will feel uncomfortable. Another reason is that earplugs are open and have bacteria on them. Therefore, you may be infected. However, you can use the in ear headset with the new tragus piercing. When selecting the headset, you should make sure that they are on the side of the ear and do not put pressure on the ear.

How Long Will It Take to Wear the Headphone of Tragus Piercing?

It is generally recommended that you wait until the perforation has healed before wearing the headphone. This may take 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your physical recovery. After the initial rehabilitation period, as long as the headset is not too tight or uncomfortable, you can start wearing the headset. It is important to clean the headset regularly to avoid infection. If you have any pain or discomfort when wearing headphone, it is best to stop and consult a perforator or doctor. It is possible that your tragus Pierce is still healing and is not fully prepared to cope with the additional pressure brought by the headphone.

How to Wear the Headphone of Tragus Pierceing?

First of all, you should know that if your ear hole is too close, or the ear screen is not perforated at all, it is difficult to wear some styles of headphone without falling off. Once you are sure that everything is normal and you can continue, you need to follow the following steps:;

1. you need to measure the distance between the two ear holes and record the measurement before continuing.

2. you can choose a suitable headphone/headphone with a clip or ring near one end.

3. the next step is to hook this clip onto the posterior ridge of the tragus

Here are some tips that you can pay attention to when using the headset.

  • Use 6mm Hole

You can wear different sizes of metal strips when you are in the tragus Pierce. If you often wear headphone, you’d better wear 6mm hole. This is because it will release a lot of space in your ear canal so that you can wear the headset. Wearing anything larger than 6mm will make you feel uncomfortable and painful.

  • Use the Correct Headphones

If you can’t compromise on the size of tragus spearing and want to wear an 8mm rod. In this way, you don’t have to deal with this problem. You can use the headset for the headset. Since the headset will cover your ears rather than enter your ear canal, you will not experience the discomfort caused by wearing the headset with tragus pierced.

  • Keep the Headset Clean

When you wear a headset with tragus piercing, you must ensure that the perforation is not affected or infected by the headset. The main cause of infection is usually the transfer of dust and mucus from the headphone to the perforation. Therefore, you should clean the headset at least once a month, so that no bacteria on the headset will enter your ear holes.

At least 4 weeks before wearing headphone/headphone

As mentioned above, it may take up to six weeks for tragus pierceing to fully heal. That’s why, if you’ve had a perforation not long ago, you should wait at least four weeks before inserting an earplug or headset into your ear. This is because if you use the headset before, your perforation will be infected and cause great pain.

  • Use Light Colored Jewelry

Consider wearing light jewelry when you often wear a headset or any other listening device. The device you use to listen to music should be placed in a position that will not interfere with you or make you feel uncomfortable. That’s why you should always choose light jewelry when you are in tragus Pierce, so that you can wear the headphone on your way to and from work.


I know that people like their tragus pierceing, but you must consider whether they will affect your overall enjoyment in the use of wear headphones.

If you have too many or too large tragus piercers, you will not be able to hear the sound of earplugs without twisting and manipulating the ear holes, which may lead to infection and other problems. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear earmuffs or enjoy the tragus piercing, but you have to make sure you choose the right size.