How Long Should You Wait Before Wearing Dangly Earrings? Asked

How Long Should You Wait Before Wearing Dangly Earrings Asked

How long should you wait before wearing dangly earrings? 6 weeks.

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Can You Wear Dangly Earrings After Getting My Ears Pierced?

by Health Robert Howard For the first six to eight weeks after getting your ears pierced, piercing experts advise sticking to piercing studs. The piercings will have more time to strengthen and heal as a result. After that, you can wear heavier, dangling earrings and take off the original studs.

How Long Should You Wait Before Wearing Dangly Earrings? 

6 weeks

You should wait six weeks before switching out your ear-piercing studs for earrings. 5. Blomdahl medical-grade plastic studs do not require rotating, in contrast to traditional ear piercings, to keep the skin from adhering to them.

What’s More, After 10 Weeks, Can You Wear Dangling Ears?

As long as they’re not too heavy and pulling on the piercing they should be ok. Just make sure they can‘t catch and pull on the piercing. Shelby Lowery studied the body modification market. For a normal lobe piercing, it’s usually 6-8 weeks, you should keep the initial jewelry in.

The same goes for the question of whether dangly earrings are bad. One question almost everyone asks when getting their ears pierced is how long they have to wait before wearing dangling earrings. … When it is time to don those danglers, remember that these types of earrings should not be worn for long periods due to the risk of stretching or tearing the piercings.

Consequently, After A Day, Can I Change My Earring?

Can I Change My Earring after a couple of Days? No, you can‘t change your earrings for the first 6-8 weeks. If you wanna change it, your ears might get infected. The wound is still raw right now.

Can You Take My Earrings Out After 3 Weeks?

Changing the earrings on your newly pierced ears too soon increases your chances of exposing the piercing to infections, causing irritation and even rejection of the new earrings. You should change your freshly pierced ears after at least 6 weeks so that the density and type of tissues in ear lobes heal completely.

How Long Should You Wait Before Wearing Dangly Earrings Asked
How Long Should You Wait Before Wearing Dangly Earrings? Asked

Do You Get To Wear Dangling Ears After 3 Months?

Even if you carelessly wear heavy dangling earrings after 2 or three even 5 weeks after getting pierced, it will create complexity in the healing procedure. So make up your mind and be strong enough to wait till 6 months for a successful shift from wearing studs to hoop earrings.

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After Four Months, Can You Wear Dangling Earrings?

There’s also the fact that you are required to wear your piercing earrings 24/7, throughout the healing period. … Generally, it’s safe to switch to the other earring styles like hoops after about 6 months for earlobes, although you can make the switch earlier if you are wearing small and super lightweight hoops.

After 4 Months, Can You Wear Hoop Earrings?

An average survey estimates that earlobe piercings heal in 6 to 7 weeks and cartilage piercings in 8 to 9 weeks. But a girl honest about her health will wait till a minimum of 5 to 6 months so that she can wear heavy hoop earrings and statement pieces.

After Three Months, Can You Wear Dangling Earrings?

You can wear any kind of earrings you like AFTER your earlobes are completely healed from the piercing. To promote cleanliness and healing, be sure to clean your ears with cotton balls or Qtip swabs that have been liberally saturated with rubbing alcohol.

When Is A Weight Too Heavy For Earrings?

On average, even with elaborate designs weight should not exceed 7 maybe 10 grams. Comfort while wearing shouldn’t ever be compromised.

Why Did Your Earring’s Hole Streamline?

Stretched and torn earring holes can be the result of both long-term and short-term trauma. This includes the excessive use of heavy earrings and gauges, or accidentally snagging and pulling an earring.


During the healing process, piercing earrings should be worn all the time. After six weeks, you can switch out your piercing earrings if you have your earlobes pierced. The suggested recovery time for those of you who had your cartilage pierced is 12 weeks.