Phobia Of Wearing New Clothes: How To Overcome

Basic Knowledge About Phobia Of Wearing New Clothes

You’ve probably heard of Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and even other fears such as Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) or Agoraphobia (fear of open/crowded spaces).

But few people have heard of the phobia of wearing new clothes – the fear of clothing.

Scientists believe this phobia can arise from several different places or circumstances, including allergies to certain fabrics or previous experiences with clothing.

The article will explain the phobia of wearing new clothes thoroughly.

Causes Of Phobia Of Wearing New Clothes

Traumatic activities involving apparel or fabric can lead to a person’s concern about sporting new clothes.

Soldiers and others with records of working in the army are acknowledged to go through the phobia.

Phobias are prompted when bulletproof vests, navy boots, or different gadgets of apparel are related to a terrible experience.

People who develop up in a way of life or surroundings the place costume codes are enforced can additionally go through sardonophobia.

Some humans get claustrophobic when they put on tights and have a phobia of sporting new garments over time.

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Some declare that the concern of sporting new garments may additionally be genetic; In different words, if a person’s father or mom had a concern about clothes, their offspring had been greater probably to have that fear, too.

However, there is little evidence for this, suggesting that kids’ phobias are externally triggered by means of seeing their mother and father go through the phobia of carrying new garments whilst developing up.

Symptoms Of Phobia Of Wearing New Clothes

The symptoms are predominantly anxiety and panic-related, like many other phobias.

Depending on how intense their fear is, different people will experience different symptoms. However, the majority of those who have a phobia of wearing new garments will experience shaking, hyperventilating, feeling confined and powerless, as well as being out of breath, queasy, or sick.

Similar to allergies and other phobias, some persons may exhibit one symptom more prominently than another.

The symptoms may even change from one occasion to the next, such as extreme sweating one day and violent shaking the next.

Basic Knowledge About Phobia Of Wearing New Clothes
Basic Knowledge About Phobia Of Wearing New Clothes

How Do I Get Rid Of Phobia Of Wearing New Clothes 

The true information is, you are now not an elephant or a caveman. [I hope] over time, it is viable to get rid of insecurity, simply due to the fact you are conscious of it now.

The horrific information is there is no magic button. I cannot make you unexpectedly experience blissful in cool clothes. And the solely way to do that is to essentially trade the way you suppose about social interaction. The solely way to sense properly is to exchange who you are. Then the garments will make you experience “right,” whilst the uncool garments will make you uncomfortable.

You have to trade what you suppose different human beings suppose about you. I recognize you can not exchange the way humans assume about you. You cannot manage their minds. But you can trade what you suppose they’re going to think.

It has to do with constructing confidence, which I’ll write extra about in the future. You may also sense like a idiot at first, however progressively you will locate your self turning into a cool person.

May Not Human Beings Notice If I Change

Maybe your excellent pal will, however, they may get used to it.

The key is to exchange gradually, however nonetheless push your alleviation zone.

Your identification is formed via years of conditioning. This is no longer going to alternate overnight. But what you can do is exchange it for a brief time. Buy a few new shirts that you discover are a little uncomfortable to put on and begin sporting as many as you can till you get used to them. Buy greater garments and get used to them. Get rid of some historic clothes. Keep doing that and undertaking yourself to put on what you prefer to put on except traumatic about what others think. Eventually, you may get rid of most of the garments you do not like, and now you may experience cozy carrying garments that make you sense good.

Cures For Phobia Of Wearing New Clothes

Hypnotherapy is a popular form of treatment for many phobia sufferers, including those who are afraid of wearing new clothes.

Hypnotherapy can successfully change the subconscious to reduce the phobia because the fear of clothing can significantly interfere with daily living.

Despite the fact that taking medicine for a phobia of wearing new garments might have serious negative effects, doctors frequently give it to their patients.

Afterward, patients have experienced withdrawal symptoms before, and at most, the drug can briefly numb the terror.

The terror that persons with a phobia of wearing new garments experience can be significantly reduced or eliminated with talking therapy.

The results are more long-lasting than those of medication, even if it may take many months.


It may be because people are introverted and unsure of themselves that they don’t like wearing new clothes. Some people have social phobia, and are afraid to wear new clothes will attract questions or attention, this type of people want to hide in the crowd, are too concerned about the attention of others, are always afraid that others notice them, and are afraid that they will lose face. Actually, everyone has their own life, don’t be afraid to wear new clothes, be confident.