How To Wear A Messenger Bag In A Proper Way?

How To Wear A Messenger Bag In A Proper Way

How to wear a messenger bag? The best way to carry a messenger bag A messenger can be carried by hand or worn crossbody. There are essentially two ways to wear a messenger bag. One is casual clothing, the other is formal clothing. When wearing t-shirts, jeans, or cargo pants, you should dress casually. At work and in formal settings like school, people wear suits.

What Do Messenger Bags Do?

In most cases, a messenger bag is a sizable, flat leather or canvas handbag with two straps for carrying on the shoulders. Instead of being carried on both sides of the body like traditional backpacks, the messenger bag’s primary use is to be slung across the chest and carry heavy loads on one side of your body. When you move quickly (such as when walking or bicycling), this allows you to distribute weight more evenly across your core and relieves pressure on your shoulders.

Speaking of biking, another benefit of messenger bags is that their “soft” structure allows them to adapt to the shape of your body, unlike backpacks, which are rigid and difficult to carry on bikes. The simplicity of access is another quality associated with this type of bag.

Instead of having to reach behind you to open a traditional backpack, which frequently results in spills or messed-up papers if you’re doing it on the go, a messenger bag’s flap can either snap closed or be rolled down to allow for easy access to your goods. There are many different messenger bag styles, including leather, canvas, and nylon. Regardless of the style you choose, there are some rules to follow when wearing a messenger bag correctly.

NOTE: The majority of messenger bags feature “evil” shoulder strap clips that are intended to rip through your clothing and dislodge quickly in an emergency (badass). It follows that you shouldn’t combine these straps with a silk shirt! Don’t wear anything too delicate.

Why Would You Need A Messenger Bag?

For convenience, a lot of people prefer to use messenger bags. Messenger bags eliminate the inconvenience of having to wear a backpack, which not everyone prefers. Particularly if you’re interested in fashion and design, they provide a more stylish way to carry your belongings and spare you the trouble of carrying a purse with short straps or donning bulky backpacks, which can be uncomfortable.

What Are Some Advantages?

The main advantage is that it offers excellent access as mentioned above; the flap folds open easily to allow for instant access without taking the bag off your shoulders (if it doesn’t snap shut) or fumbling for an opening like with conventional backpacks.

The second advantage is that they are lighter than traditional backpacks, which makes them easier to carry. The third advantage is that the flap on most bags enables special storage for your cell phone and/or tablet (though not as much as a dedicated MOLLE pouch) and also removes the need to stuff it into your backpack where it will probably break or become tangled in all your other belongings. Many messenger bags come with a water bottle holder, which is equally practical. Obviously, this makes carrying additional items simpler.

What Are A Few Restrictions?

The biggest drawback is that they can’t be used as proper backpacks, so if you want to transport heavy loads, this bag isn’t for you. Even though they have more pockets than conventional backpacks, their constrained shapes means that they can only hold so much. Additionally, because there isn’t a rigid framework providing structure, items inside can quickly lose their place and eventually turn into a disorganized mess. This can be avoided by packing your bag carefully and folding your clothes and other items so that they keep their shapes.

How To Wear A Messenger Bag?

Wearing It Crossbody-style

Allow the bag to fall to your side while wearing the strap casually over one shoulder. For unfussy individuals who only carry a small amount of personal items, such as their wallet, phone, and keys, this technique works.

Additionally, the crossbody method is preferable if you intend to carry books, packages, or even groceries in the bag. The strap will rest on one shoulder and extend to the other side of your body. You won’t need to be concerned about packing your messenger bag too full because this ensures that the weight is distributed evenly.

How To Wear A Messenger Bag In A Proper Way
How To Wear A Messenger Bag In A Proper Way?

Additionally, you can reposition the bag to the front or back of your body to find the most cozy position.

Move the bag behind your back if you commute to school or work by bicycle frequently. You won’t have to stop frequently to readjust the bag because of this placement, which will guarantee that all of your belongings are safe.

Carrying It By Hand

For a more elegant appearance, carry the messenger bag by its top handles. Some models are made to be carried with just one hand and can make your outfit look more well-planned. Remove the strap from the bag when using the handles to carry it in order to leave a lasting impression and prevent dirt from getting on it. These stylish accessories for suits and formal attire are typically made of leather or faux leather.

Crossbody Bag Or Shoulder Strap?

Both are excellent options, though Mike from the television show “Suits” seems to be the only businessperson who still chooses to carry their bag across their bodies. Considering that wearing a messenger bag across the body can mess up a person’s suit or shirt, many men and women have started to carry their bags on one shoulder. In terms of fashion guidelines, a crossbody bag is also acceptable, but the shoulder strap is preferred.

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How To Select A Messenger Bag?

Choose a traditional style for more informal settings or a briefcase-style for formal occasions. Classic messenger bags are the ideal complement to casual attire thanks to their appearance and typical materials, while briefcase-style bags replicate the formality and professionalism of a real briefcase. For the casualness of the traditional messenger bag, other designs like vertical and military bags can be excellent replacements.

Choose between a formal leather bag and a casual canvas bag. Canvas or leather are typically used to make messenger bags. Leather bags are typically more expensive and formal. Much less expensive and more informal are canvas bags.

  • When compared to leather bags, faux leather can be less expensive while still maintaining a professional appearance.
  • For people who don’t like the way canvas looks, nylon bags offer an alternative.

Pick a bag size that is appropriate for your body type. When deciding on a bag size, your body size should be taken into account. However, you should also take into account your personal style, the size of the load you typically carry, and whether or not this will include a laptop of a specific size.

  • Smaller bags usually fit smaller frames better than larger bags do.
  • Before selecting a bag, make sure to determine the width of your laptop.

Choose features like Velcro for easy access or clasps for a tight fit. While clasps ensure a secure closure for cyclists and motorcyclists, Velcro enables students and professionals to access their needed items more quickly. If you ride a bike, you might also take into account getting a waterproof bag for inclement weather or a bag with reflective patches to make you more visible to drivers. If you are a student, you may want to purchase a bag with a laptop sleeve or with multiple pockets for additional storage.

Never Go Out Of Style With A Messenger Bag

A messenger bag is a dependable accessory that offers both trendiness and storage space, regardless of your personal style, which may be more formal or casual. It’s up to you how you want to style it. Given the variety of materials and designs used to create the bags, the options are practically endless.

If you want a more relaxed look, try wearing it over your shoulder and playing around with vibrant colors and patterns. A neutral-colored messenger bag carried by the top handles, on the other hand, is the ideal option for a more businesslike appearance.


So, do you know how to wear a messenger bag?

If you want something that is less formal than a briefcase and less casual than a backpack, consider messenger bags. They can be excellent choices for professionals, students, and particularly bike or motorcycle riders. Whatever your reason for using a messenger bag, they offer roomy storage and convenient carrying for the things you need every day.