How to Ask Someone to Wear a Condom? Helpful Tips

How to Ask Someone to Wear a Condom Helpful Tips


Prior to engaging in sexual activity, it is ideal to discuss using protection, such as a condom. Both you and your partner will understand that if you do have sex, you will be ready to use protection when you are open and honest about your expectations.

There is no guarantee that you have agreed to have sex when you mention using a condom. Simply put, it conveys your importance to you in maintaining your sexual health. Even if you have decided to have sex but then realize that sex doesn’t feel OK, you always have the right to say “no,” even at the last second. Partners must respect each other’s right to change their minds at any time. It’s advisable to discuss boundaries and the best methods of communication during private and sexual encounters.

Below are helpful tips about asking someone to wear a condom.

Tell Him You Don’t Want to Get Pregnant

A conversation that is both obvious and crucial. Every partner you consider having sex with should respect your personal decision not to become pregnant. Remind him that you have your own plans and objectives for your life and that you won’t risk changing them for a little unprotected sex. Any partner who is worth your time will comprehend your position.

Demand Their Respect

You should respect your partner by using a condom. Is he really worth having sex with if he won’t show you the respect to ensure your safety and his as well? Similarly, if you’re unsure of how to approach him about wearing a condom because you anticipate a hostile response, that’s another indication they don’t deserve you to begin with.

Remind Him: You’ll Still Feel Close to Each Other

Saying you don’t want to use a condom because you “want to feel closer” to someone just isn’t an acceptable excuse. Remind him that the best way to feel close to someone is to make them feel comfortable; if you know you are protected by a condom, you will be much more likely to let your guard down and relax.

Look Out for Each Other’s Health

If you don’t know how to ask your partner to use a condom, another effective strategy is to emphasize the risk of STIs. It’s possible that you may have picked up an infection without realizing it, even if your interactions with your partner have only been oral.

How to Ask Someone to Wear a Condom Helpful Tips
How to Ask Someone to Wear a Condom? Helpful Tips

Don’t Fall for Fake Love

If a man claims that unprotected sex will make him love you more, tell him that if he truly loved you, he wouldn’t expect you to put yourself in further danger. You might need to learn how to ask your partner to use condoms even if you’re in a committed relationship because love doesn’t protect against STIs.

Tell Them to Be An Adult

If someone calls you “immature” for not wanting to have unprotected sex, they’re actually the ones who need to do some growing up. Don’t feel pressured to take any unnecessary risks; safe sex is the mature, responsible course to follow.

Find the Right Condom

Your partner may be reluctant to use condoms simply because they are unsure of which kind to use. Encourage them to experiment with various sizes and shapes, and have fun trying out unusual styles like Durex Mutual Climax, which features pleasure-enhancing lubricant. Additionally, you can get tailored recommendations from the Find Your Fit tool.

Never Be Afraid to Say No

Simply refuse to have sex with your partner if you have all these conversations with them and they still won’t use a condom. Remember, there are other ways the two of you can enjoy some sexual activity without running the risk of an STI or an unintended pregnancy. You should probably reevaluate whether he is worth being with in the first place if he is still unwilling to wear a condom during sex.

Final Words

If you discover that it’s challenging for you to be open and honest with your partner about using a condom or sex in general, you may want to consider whether the time is right for you to engage in sex. Using protection is a normal part of having sex and is not something to be ashamed of.

We all have the right to feel at ease with what we’re doing to our bodies, so if using a condom is what you want to do in a situation to feel your best, then that’s what should happen. You’ll be better prepared to make the right choices when the time comes if you give this subject some advance thought. Now go out there, be your own best advocate, and enjoy yourself!

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