What To Wear In A Hot Tub: Before And After

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Deciding what to wear in a hot tub might be challenging for many people who don’t spend much time in the water. Continue reading to learn the major factors you should take into account while picking what to wear in a hot tub.

Preparation Of A Hot Tub

Protect Head

You might laugh at a bunch of people sitting in hot tubs wearing hats, but this is very important. You want to keep your body temperature well regulated to prevent the cold.

Don’t forget to apply moisturizer before taking a bath. Winter winds are not good for your skin. They’re much better than you say “Winter! , so moisturize to protect your skin.

Keep Feet Warm

Pacing back and forth in the hot tub can be cruel to your feet. It is important to wear slippers, shoes or sandals to keep as warm as possible. In addition to keeping you warm, slippers or sandals can prevent you from slipping while walking. Make sure your shoes have good tread!

Get Facial Moisturizer

If there are chilly winds in the area, you might want to think about applying a face moisturizer. By retaining just the correct amount of moisture, this can prevent your skin from drying out due to the cold. So that you don’t absorb any dangerous chemicals from the spa water, a decent moisturizer will also help to form a barrier between your pores and the water.

Get Warm Towels

Get some towels, not just any towels, you need warm towels! You don’t want to enjoy a nice, warm soak in a hot tub and then get up and wrap yourself in a cold towel. A towel heater next to a hot tub is a good idea. If you don’t have one, a dryer and an insulation box or cooler will do.

Just throw the towel in the dryer for a few minutes. When it is warm enough, store it in a cooler or insulated box for use when needed. A bathrobe would also be nice.

Select The Correct Swimsuit

For your upcoming hot tub excursion, you should spend money on a high-quality suit, preferably made of nylon. Traditional bathing suits are acceptable, but they must be reserved exclusively for hot tub use. You shouldn’t wear them near lakes or the ocean. You run the risk of bringing biological agents or extra minerals to the hot tub if you wear your ordinary swimsuit.

Avoid wearing a spandex suit if you know your hot tub contains a lot of chlorine because they tend to wear out more quickly. In this situation, you might choose to choose polyester or PBT-rich textiles.

Considering Things About A “Hot Tub” Swimsuit

A “Hot Tub” Swimsuit

If you often swim in a lake or ocean in a bathing suit, we highly recommend that you invest in a bathing suit for hot tubs only. This is because natural bodies of water carry biological agents and minerals that can have adverse effects when mixed with water in hot tubs.

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Bathing suits used on the beach have been known to accumulate sunscreen and lotions. The last thing you want to do is ruin the water in your hot tub with sunscreen.

Durable “Hot Tub” Swimsuit

Swimwear can eventually become damaged by hot tub chemicals like chlorine. We advise leaving expensive bikinis for other uses if you enjoy purchasing them. Opt instead for a more affordable, robust suit composed of a durable material, like nylon.

Beach bathing suits have a history of accumulating sunscreen and lotions. The last thing you want to do is use sunscreen in your hot tub to contaminate the water.

Wash “Hot Tub” Swimsuit

Before entering the hot tub, make sure your clothing is clean. If you actually care about your spa, we encourage you to ask family, friends, and other visitors to clean up before coming.

Should You Wear Swimsuit In A Hot Tub?

The answer is no if you’re referring to the same swimsuit you wear to the beach, lake, pool, or ocean. In addition to carrying biological and mineral contaminants, bathing suits can also include sunscreen and detergents.

You shouldn’t put those items in your bathtub.

These impurities can accumulate over time and make hot tubs murky or foamy. Hazardous compounds are also more likely to be present, which might result in the growth of algae, mold, or mucus.

The material may not be able to handle the chemicals in hot tubs, and it might fade and degrade over time, which can be hazardous for bathing suits. 

hot tub
hot tub

Should You Wear Regular Clothes In A Hot Tub?

Don’t have a swimsuit on hand?

Some people think that they may just wear their favorite clothes into a hot tub. You can wear sportswear, underwear, even cotton t-shirts and jeans and shorts.

Please don’t do that.

The chemicals in the hot tub will not only cause your clothes to fade and deteriorate, but also the leaked fiber and color will damage the hot tub.

In addition, the hot tub is used for relaxation and comfort. The last thing you want to wear is stiff denim shorts!

Should You Wear Shorts In A Hot Tub?

In a hot tub, the majority of men like to dress simply in a pair of swim trunks, which is very acceptable. We advise against wearing regular shorts like jean shorts, cargo shorts, etc. Regular clothing’s fibers can become harmed by chlorine. If you choose a pair of heavy-duty swim trunks, as we previously indicated, make sure they are constructed of a sturdy material.

Prepare A Separate Swimsuit

It’s not always a matter of whether you can wear a bathing suit in a hot tub, but rather which one fits.

  • Purchase a separate suit that can only be kept in the bathtub as the solution.
  • Invest in a suit constructed of a heavy-duty material that will last and keep you comfortable while withstanding heat and chemicals.
  • You need to keep it safe in addition to a separate suit. You should rinse your clothing off after washing them in a hot tub, just like you would if you were swimming in a lake or pool. Any residual chemicals will be removed, avoiding further harm.
  • Ask your visitor to rinse off before getting into the hot tub if you are unsure whether their bathing suit is clean. 


Going swimsuit-free in a hot tub is an option if you’re okay with it. However, be mindful that your neighbors might see you, and there’s always a chance of unwelcome exposure if someone else has access to your property.

Last but not least, if an article of clothing has been used before and is dirty, bacteria and fungi might grow on it and move to your spa. Hey! So make sure to demand that visitors rinse off before using the hot tub.